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5 Game of Thrones characters that didn't appear on the show

Updated on November 8, 2014

There are a lot of minor characters that didn't appear on the show. Their roles has been completely cut or merged with other characters. These are the ones who I feel such a pity to not see come to life on screen. Contains SPOILERS so tread lightly!


1. Strong Belwas

Strong Belwas is a eunuch sent from Pentos by Ilyrio Mopatis with Barristan Selmy, to serve Daenarys. He is a slave warrior and had a lot of experience on fighting. He is bred and trained on Mereen and participated in the fighting pits, were slaves fight to death to entertain the Masters. His body is covered with scars as he allows himself to be wounded once before finishing off his opponents. He is proud of these scars and claims to never lost a fight.

"Bad fighting, good dying. Strong Belwas hates it when they scream."

In the latest book, he serves as one of the Queensguard and is made part of the ruling council of Mereen after Daenary's disappearance. He is one of the few members of the council trusted by Selmy.

He's your stereotypical simple minded goon who enjoys fighting and eating. He's only involve in few significant events mainly where Daenarys attempts to conquer Mereen. He's the one responsible for killing off the champion of Mereen and is one of the others to lead Daenary's forces via the sewers to conquer the city. That's about it really other than that he's just a background character.

I'm honestly not surprised when he was cut especially since David & D.B. didn't bother with Selmy's supposed undercover opt. For those who didn't read the books, Selmy approached Daenarys as Arstan Whitebeard and serves as Belwas' squire. Selmy hopes to observe Daenarys and see for himself if she's a capable Queen worthy of his service. Anyway since that won't really work on TV, they just decided to scrap it. Still, the changes made work just fine and gave Daario and Grey Worm more screen time.


2. Coldhands

Coldhands is a mysterious figure beyond the wall. He hides his face beneath a scarf, his hands are cold & black, and he rides a great elk. He has the characteristics of a wight except his eyes are black as opposed to the blue ones of the Others and wights. He still retains his human intelligence as seen whenever he talks with Sam and Bran. However like the Others, he cannot pass through the Wall. He is highly believed to be a former member of the Night's Watch as he talks and is dressed like one. He also refers to Sam as brother.

He saved Sam and Gilly from the wights and guides them back to the Wall. He knows that Bran is trying to seek out the Three-eyed Crow and asked Sam to guide Bran and his company to him. As opposed to the show, he's the one who fought and killed the traitors from Craster's Keep.

I always liked mysterious characters in the books especially if they're some sort of unknown entity. Coldhands adds a little weight on the existence of fantasy and mysticism in GOT.

I somewhat expected him to be cut as it will make a lot more sense to me for Bran and his friends to find the Three-eyed crow themselves. I like how they tease us of the possibility of Bran meeting Jon again. It also served as a decent "filler" to prolong Bran's story line on the show.

Another reason why I think he was cut is because of the budget. We are all well aware that cgi is quite expensive. We hardly ever see the direwolves on screen so I doubt they'll have extra cash to spare for the great elk which will only possibly appear in few episodes. The character is not really necessary but Coldhands is a neat little gift for those who loves the fantasy theme in GOT.

Since Coldhands greatly resembles a brother of the Night's Watch, there's a lot of theories surrounding his identity. One of the most popular ones is that he's the missing Benjen Stark.


3. Varamyr Sixkins

Varamyr is one of the most prominent warg or skinchanger on the wildling camps. His Sixkins name refers to the six animals that constantly accompany him. He controls 6 animals; 3 wolves, a shadow cat and a snow bear. When riding for battle, Varamyr is frequently seen on a top of his snow bear.

In the books, Varamyr took care of Orell's eagle after his death. He used it frequently to scout the Wall and is the first one to see Stannis' approaching vanguard. Melisandre burned the eagle causing Varamyr to briefly lose his sanity.

We hardly ever see the direwolves, so I don't think it's worth it to waste their budget on a man who has 6 different animals that follows him wherever he goes. CGI is indeed expensive. Plot wise he isn't really viable anyway.

Still it would've been interesting to see more wargs on the show especially a powerful one like Varamyr. Also seeing a man in command of six fierce animals is just plain awesome.


4. Vargo Hoat

Vargo Hoat is the leader of the infamous sellsword company called the Brave Companions (also called the Bloody Mummers). The company is consists of criminals and outcast from different parts of the world and are infamous for their brutality.

Vargo is well known for his trademark Goatee and because of his speech impediment caused by his swollen tongue.

"Kingthlayer .. You are my captifth"

In the books Hoat is the one that crippled Jaime and attempted to rape Brienne. He and his outlaws performed various atrocities and brutalities wherever they go. He's also well known by his brutal torture of his prisoners. He met his bloody end at the hands of Ser Gregor Clegane. He was executed brutally by cutting off his limbs and forcing Vargo himself to eat his own body parts.

Such a pity not showing Vargo on the show. He and his band of outlaws has their own mini subplots involving Brienne & Jaimie as well as some of events that happened in Harrenhal. I was hoping him to be one of the characters that gives a shock value to the audience because of his brutality. Still Locke proved to be fine replacement for Hoat. Connecting the events smoothly as well as giving Jon and Bran a decent filler.


5. Patchface

Hailed from Volantis, Patchface was brought by Stannis’ father to Storm’s End. Unfortunately the ship carrying them was ravaged by storm and everyone was killed except for Patchface. He was found days later but discovered that he lost his memories and seemingly went insane. Stannis wanted him dead but decided against it. Patchface now serves as the fool of Storm’s End and frequently seen accompanying princess Shireen.

Patchface is rather mysterious and bizarre as he recites incoherent poems and songs. Some of them creepy and prophetic, predicting future events like one of his song about the events of the Red Wedding.

“ Fool’s blood, king’s blood, blood on the maiden’s thigh, but chains for the guests and chains for the bridegroom, aye aye aye.”

Melisandre herself is wary of him as she sees him in her fires.

“Sometimes there are skulls about him, and his lips are red with blood."

I was hoping to see another creepy clown in television especially when he recites his eerie songs. Fans will go bananas over his poems as they attempt to decrypt and interpret it. Also maybe Patchface has some important role to play due to the fact that Melisandre see him in her fires. But I guess we won't see that come to life. We'll just have to see how the D&D handle it.

Who's your favorite minor character who didn't appear on the TV show?


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