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Five Shows to Look out for Now “Game of Thrones” Is Over

Updated on May 20, 2019
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Film (BA) with 7 years experience in online content creation.


His Dark Materials

Based on “The Golden Compass” book series this HBO series seems to be their final gambit in trying to keep you subscribed to their streaming services “HBO GO” and if you're looking for something to fill that “Game Of Thrones” shaped hole in your life this series may be your best option going forwards.

If you remember the 2007 film then you will know how dark and unflinching this book series can get and being set in a fantasy pre-industrial world this may just be the perfect show to sit down to after “GOT”.

As well as having all the hallmarks of “GOT” this is already a completed book series, so if you're up for spoiling it for yourself and everyone else (some people are really in to this it seems) then all you have to do is sit down and read ahead you monster.

The only issue is that you now have to wait until winter of 2019 until it comes out but it seems like a wait that's going to be worth it.



How did anyone go watching “GOT” and never see Westworld?

If you fall into that category I don't know what you're doing still reading this article and why you haven't started binging the first 30 episodes right now?

Westworld is one of the more binge worthy shows out currently, with its unique combination of historical and futuristic aesthetics, naturalistic performances from everyone and a genuinely enticing mystery that only seems to peel away in layers as the narrative moves on.

Again however if you find yourself wanting more by the end of this then you are out of luck until next year when HBO grace us with a third season.



We already know that you're into fantasy, so why not watching a show that replaces the gaps and tears of “GOT” with the laughter and... well, tears of laughter of Disenchantment.

Only Matt Groening's Third show but oh my lord is it on track to be a classic among the likes of Futurama as a nerdy cult classic.

This show is a comedic deconstruction of fantasy fiction as an irreverent princes must find her way through this twisted and fantastical world, as they deal with a whole host of recognisable character types for anyone who watches enough Simpsons and Futurama.

With season one available right now on Netflix with overall good reviews, and the second season only just around the corner, now might be the best time to jump in to this Netflix original and maybe see a fresh take on a genre well worn at this point.


The Witcher

Anyone who knows how good “The Witcher” series is also knows that just on a narrative and world building level this game series may be one of the strongest story focused games in existence.

Did you know however that just like the new Netflix show that “The Witcher” series of games is based on a book series by the polish novelist Andrzej Sapkowski?

Yep, its all based on a book series and I for one (And possibly you GOT fans) am exited to see a darker eastern European interpretation of the fantasy genre to be hitting the screens as we possibly delve deeper in to the worlds of evil witches, disturbing goblin encounters and giant merciless trolls, all staples of Andrzej's works.

However just like “His Darkest Materials” we wont be seeing this series hit the screen until the end of the year, also being so closely linked to a game property there is a certain level of holding your breath as to the quality of this show when it does finally arrive.


The Good Place

You know what? This show has nothing to do with “Game Of Thrones” but its really good and I just need to keep suggesting it on its merits, and let's be honest after 3 days and 16 minutes total of watching Murder and betrayal you surely need a laugh, right?

This show is a humorous and intellectual romp through the philosophies and ethics of life, death and the afterlife as we follow a core cast of character who compliment each other perfectly, and telling you anything else would just be ruining it, just go watch it.

There's 3 seasons in total and the fourth got renewed for another early December 2018 with no release4 date as of yet but with 39 episodes already on Netflix there's a lot to keep you occupied while you wait for some of the other shows on this list to air.

Thank you for reading this... Seriously thank you.

If you enjoyed it please share and I want to know, what other shows you're exited for now that “GOT” is finally over?


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