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Ways To Improve Your Speaking Skills

Updated on November 27, 2016

“If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you are giving up your potential”.-Warren Buffet.

I am sure, that many of us have experienced glossophobia at some point in our lives. So, how is that feeling when your mind is swirling seeing the crowds of many? And your hands are sweating while your mind gets clouded and you are unable to speak? You may be a very confident person and proficient in your field, but you can still be a glossophobic without realizing the consequences it can have on your personality. But you needn’t worry. You just need to grapple your fears by working upon them. In my article, I will be talking about how you can effectively overcome your fear of public speaking.

I feel the need to talk about it in a great detail because removal of this anxiety of public speaking can actually help you evolve as a person. I have met people who see it as a hurdle in their path of success .Hence , I feel that it is essentially important to address this very first aspect of public speaking.

Firstly , make sure that you are well rehearsed. I have seen people who are merely speaking about a subject without having a strong opinion about it. Doesn’t it happen that we are able to express ourselves in an efficient manner when we know the intricacies of a subject very well? Hence, one the most effective ways of overcoming anxiety of public speaking is to ensure that the subject you talk about is close to your heart. This would help you to connect with your audience better as you won’t feel alienated about the subject you have chosen to speak on.

Secondly, what needs to be kept in mind is the fact that you have to stay calm and composed while you are addressing people around you .No matter how nervous you maybe, never let that reflect in your body language which includes aspects like body posture. Make sure that you are maintaining an appropriate eye contact with those you are interacting with. This would boost your morale and help you to be comfortable while speaking. Also, as a public speaker, you need to keep in mind that your demeanor will create the very first impression. Hence, always remember that you need to feel more confident about yourself and your sole aim should be to give your best . On the other hand , if your mind would be fixed on being the best speaker of the day, then you are surely going in the wrong direction.

Thirdly, I think that as a public speaker, you should master the art of being lively and spontaneous. This is an important aspect which cannot be overlooked. By this, I simply mean that , you need to make sure that people really want to listen to you. Imagine a scenario , where the eyes of the crowds are glued on you and everyone is listening to you attentively .This would definitely make you relaxed within a few minutes. In a nutshell, you should know the techniques of keeping your audience involved throughout your speech. This can be done by asking interesting questions or showing some visual presentations. This would boost your confidence as people around you would be more responsive to what you would be saying and will ultimately motivate you to do better.

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