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Five reasons every girl needs a friend like Amy Schumer

Updated on February 2, 2016

Reason 1: She's NOT judgey

Listen ladies, we've all been there, whether it's a tipsy night out that leaves you feeling relieved when you wake up fully dressed, wallet and phone in hand and with a massive hangover, or, as witnessed in Schumer's movie, "Trainwreck", on Staten Island with a walk of shame that will require a ferry ride to safety. We all have regrets. What we need in these situations is support, not a girlfriend who looks down her nose at you with the word "skank" looming dangerously at the tip of her tongue.

Amy to the rescue! Being the true friend that she is, the "Amy" would say things like, "hey, Staten Island isn't as bad as ending up in Newark," or, "It's only embarrassing if you remember what happened - black outs are god's little do overs". Now THAT is support. She would come to your house with a classy bottle of Boone's Farm and tell you to drink through it!

Reason 2: She's rooting for you, not against you!

Frenemy. I think by now we're all familiar with the term but if it's new to you, I'd be happy to give you a break down. A frenemy is a girl who pretends to be your friend but is secretly hoping you fail. As defined by Urban Dictionary - an enemy disguised as a friend.

Hopefully I'm not the only one who's come into contact with these kinds of girls but it wouldn't surprise me given my somewhat inability to judge character. Ideally, we as women would embrace each other's successes but that's not always the case. Have you ever felt that when you get a promotion, a cute boyfriend or things are looking up, there are those friends who can't seem to be happy for you? GET RID OF THEM!

What would Amy do? If you watched the Golden Globes this year you would have seen that Schumer was up against bestie Jennifer Lawrence for the "Best Actress" award. When Lawrence was chosen over Schumer you could tell that she was genuinely happy for her. Here you have two incredibly successful women who are close friends AND on national television and in that moment it just seemed that Schumer couldn't have been happier for her friend. Why can't we all be that supportive of each other??

Reason 3: She's Inspiring

If you've ever watched Amy Schumer's stand-up comedy, t.v. show, "Inside Amy Schumer", or pretty much anything she's featured in you'll notice a few things: 1) She's extremely comfortable discussing her sex life and vagina 2) She's done some pretty weird stuff 3) She's f@%&!ing hilarious! But she's more than just an oversharing, funny comedian because anyone that funny is operating on all cylinders - the girl is smart and motivated! Not only was she nominated for her role in "Trainwreck", she wrote the movie too.

Even though our friends shouldn't determine our path of success, they should absolutely enhance it. Every woman needs friends who are driven, or smart or just generally great people to be around. I have high standards for this - I NEEEEEED funny and smart! I have found that the more you surround yourself with productive, ambitious people, the more you will be likely to absorb those qualities :) Thanks "Amy"!

Reason 4: She's HONEST!

How many times have we seen those parities of women asking their hubbys or boyfriends if this outfit makes them look fat? How many times have we seen those men crumble under the pressure? (I mean, and rightly so... we could be withholding sex on those terms). Selective honesty makes for a great romantic relationship... It does, however, NOT make for a great friendship. You NEED your girls to tell you the truth!

MY Amy Schumer is a girl named Steph. She's fantastic and fun and cool and funny and, most importantly, she was the first girl to ever tell me that I was being a bitch to my face. I. Love. Her. She's exactly what every girl needs! She's my AMY!

If you've watched enough of Amy Schumer, you'll notice that she doesn't hold back when it comes to telling the truth. I mean, you only have to watch one of her shows to know exactly what condition her vagina and sexual well-being are in. :) But I LOVE IT! Bring on the honesty!!!! When did we stop telling each other the truth? Amen to "Amy" for being the girl that we can ask those questions. Like, "Do I look fat?" or, "Was he ugly?", or "Are 29 partners too many?"

Reason 5: She's Perfectly Imperfect

Look, I'd be lying if I said I didn't strive to be the "perfect wife", or "perfect employee", or "perfect friend", but the truth is, perfect is BOOOORING! Why be that person? Because when I walk into a house that's so perfect and perfectly done and perfectly clean....all I can think is, "Man, these guys don't fuggg at ALLL!". Not cute. But this is life. If you can't be imperfect in front of your friends, who can you be "you" around? The answer. Nobody.

I love Amy Schumer and the "Amy's" of the world because they let it all hang out. Recently, Schumer tweeted that she has rosacea. That takes a lot of courage. Most stars would have blamed it on the cold or a allergic reaction...but she's perfectly at home to invite people into her world. THAT is what you want from your friends. Forget the pretense, enjoy women who keep it real and don't try to fake it. LOVE!


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