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7. Flicka 2006 USA colour U

Updated on March 6, 2017

Also known as: My friend Flicka (USA working title)

BASED ON NOVEL: Mary O' Hara My friend Flicka

Sentimental coming of age drama


From this coming of age drama (taken from Mary O' Hara novel my friend flicka) comes a powerful tear jerking bonding relationship, between father and daughter. Our heartwarming tale is all about our young black wild mustang who shows up near the Mclaughlin's ranch home just when Rob might of had to start selling off some land.

Rob McLaughlin (Tim Mcgraw) is a very proud hard working family man, who works upon his family ranch, the ranch had belonged to the family for generations and Rob wanted to keep it that way but times were changing. Rob works alongside his son Howard McLaughlin (Ryan Kwanten) and his workers Gus (Dallas Roberts) & Jack (Danny Pino).

Rob wants his son to take on the family business someday to become a full time rancher just like him, however the son has other ideas. Katy McLaughlin (Alison Lohman) loves her family home the ranch, and wishes to take over the family business someday but knowing she is a daughter of a rancher is tough she has to prove herself that she has what it takes to work upon the ranch.

During the early hours of the morning Katy decides to take one of the horses for a ride, on her way back she encounters an attack face to face with a mountain lion, from outta nowhere appears this young beautiful black wild mustang who manages to scare the mountain lion away.

Back home Katy tells her parents about the mustang & the mountain lion, her father had no interest in what Katy saw that morning he was cross with her and had to punish her. Later on Katy sneaks out to try and find the mustang so that she can protect it from the mountain lion, only to end up having a heated discussion with her father which turned into a row about the mustang.

Katy really wanted this mustang and fell in love with it she even gave it a name and named it Flicka. Rob dislikes wild mustangs because off his love for his own pure quarter breeds also he considers wild horses to be parasites, loco & dangerous.

Every night Katy would sneak out of the house against her father's wishes to train Flicka, Riding Flicka across the vast plains of Wyoming mountains made her feel totally free, and during the days she would work upon the ranch alongside her brother.

A trip ride into town brought another row between father & daughter, Rob was exploring his options to see what he would get if he sold some of his land, Katy was furious with her father for even thinking about it. Rob decided to give Flicka away to Norbert (Nick Searcy) as Norbert loved wild mustangs horses which were the next latest craze around, Flicka was going to be used as a rodeo horse.

Katy decided to hatch a plan along side her brother and her friend Miranda Koop (Kaylee DeFer) to get Flicka back, Katy decided to release Flicka back into the wild since her father was not going to allow her to keep the horse.

Flicka had taken Katy back home but along the way they came across the mountain lion which attacked them, poor Flicka got injured.

Meanwhile back at the house the McLaughlin's have a visit from after dealing with ranch business, he talks to the McLaughlin's about mustang wild horses which are the next latest craze around. Rob gets into a heated discussion with Norbert and says"he wouldn't want anything to do with those parasites"because of his own pure quarter breeds. Round the breakfast table Jack (Danny Pino) Taunts Howard about his school girlfriendand mocks Gus (Dallas Roberts) Nell McLaughlin (Maria Bello) makes a comment at Jack, everyone begins to laugh. Jack blurts out that Gus thinks Katy is a pretty flicka, poor Gus explains that flicka means young, innocent, pretty girl,was told this by his ma.

Katy felt sad when Howard told her that she could have his horse, because he was leaving the ranch to go to college, and she was the one that was needed to work upon the ranch. hold woke up, her father was furious with her, and once more the father and daughter were rowing over Flicka so he decided to give Flicka away to Norbert, Flicka was going to be used as a rodeo horse.

Nell took her husband out across the fields, for a heart to heart discussion about the children, and Howard wanted Katy to hear something important, and sneaked her out of the house, after hearing how bad Flicka was Katy decided to hatch a plan to get Flicka back. At the fair Katy, Howard, & Miranda put their plan into action, Katy was disguised as a man, she joined her brother and together they both entered the crazy horse race, which they won. Katy decided to release Flicka back into the wild since her father was not going to allow her to keep her, Flicka in the meantime had taken Katy back home, but alas they came across the mountain lion, which attacked them poor Flicka got injured, and Katy cuddled up next to him. After this terrible ordeal Katy's father had some surprising news to share with his daughter.

Flicka is a delightful weepy movie, suitable for people who enjoy having soppy and emotional moments. This heartwarming coming of age drama adventure contains emotional & sentimental scenes, heartaches, love, courage, importantly allowing your children too grow-up, even if they do make mistakes, learn to trust them knowing that they will do the right thing.

Directed by: Michael Mayer Written by: Lawrence Konner, Mark Rosenthal

Bello Maria Nell Mclaughlin Burton David rider 6 Defer Kaylee Miranda Koop Emery Elizabeth Gracie Hammer Armie male prefect Kwanten Ryan Howard Mclaughlin Lohman Alison Katy Mclaughlin Mcgraw Tim Rob Mclaughlin Mclaughlin Gene Trick Roper Morrison Rana cow girl at rodeo (uncredited) Nording Jeffrey Rick Koop Brien O'John Mr Masterson Pino Danny Jack Ritchie Emma Honor student Roberts Dallas Gus Santana Angel rodeo worker Searcy Nick Norbert Rye Szumilas Bogdan father (uncredited) Szumilas Sebastien lasso kid (uncredited) Tallman Bob rodeo announcer Taylor Buck Wagner Williams Wade man with clipboard Young Dey Esther Koop Zeskind Rachel Prep school mom (uncredited)


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