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Flight 29 Down

Updated on March 15, 2008

Review of the Show

This show is about a group of kids that get stranded on a deserted island when their plane crashes. They were on their way to a camping trip in Micronesia when they crashed, so they are stranded in the South Pacific. The series lasted for two 13-episode seasons and had a third season of only four episodes, which was really a four part movie called Hotel Tango that brings the series to an end.

The show may no longer have new episodes, but it still regularly shows on Discovery Kids (the whole two seasons and the series finale Hotel Tango have also been released on DVD) and is an entertaining drama show for kids. The show is about their daily struggles to survive on their own and get along with each other. The cast of characters contains diverse personalities, which is part of what makes the show enjoyable, as many viewers can identify with at least one of the characters.

One of my favorite characters is the brainy 10-year-old Lex, who is younger than the others, who are all teenagers. He is often ignored, but also often provides the most innovative ways of making life easier on the island. He is also good at cheering everyone up and trying to keep the group together.

Other characters include Nathan, who is played by Corbin Bleu and is often going overboard when he tries to fix things; Eric, who is a slacker and tries to get others to do his chores; Taylor, who is a girly girl and at first is a big slacker just like Eric; Jackson, who met the rest only shortly before the trip and keeps to himself a lot; and Daley, who is Lex’s sister and the leader.

Overall the show is interesting to watch and see the different ways the kids learn to survive on their own. The drama that happens when disasters strike or disputes arise keeps the show interesting.


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