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Foolproof (2003)

Updated on February 20, 2014

I kept thinking -- what if this film had been cast with a bigger-name cast, e.g., Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie (or even Kate Bekinsale), Giovanni Ribisi. Would that have added some spark that the final product missed? The answer -- I don't know. It might still have been a dud. But, with the B-list of actors we were provided, there was no question about the movie's failure.

I can't understand how certain scripts get green-lighted by a studio -- especially on a fairly low budget. Do they think that audiences are going to line up around the block to watch this thing? Do they think word of mouth is going to carry the day? Do they think, this will be a flop but they can probably make up for it with DVD/Internet/cable sales?

There are so many holes in this story that you could use it as a spaghetti cauldron.
The following could be spoilers -- so ...

You have a group of three college buddies who are now ex-hackers (so to speak). As a hobby they plan heists (foolproof heists, no less). Okay, fine. But, they go way beyond just the theoretical aspects -- they actually carry out the break-ins. Sure. They also happen to be physically fit to do the exacting work to carry out a job. The group spends a lot of time on their hobby -- sometimes neglecting their real jobs.

Of more interest is how they can afford sophisticated electronics and other heavy gear on menial-paying jobs. Speaking of heavy gear -- have you ever wondered how heist teams are able to move tons of equipment in (and sometimes out) of a crime scene. It's not like all of the special gas tanks, drills, or whatever would fit snugly inside a book-bag.

Then, as in every film of its sort, you have guards who are reading newspapers, watching TV, sleeping on the job, and always miss the point where the criminals just skip past the surveillance cameras. And, because of their savvy, the criminals know exactly how to defeat the most sophisticated alarm and detection devices invented to date. Why aren't these guys working for NASA or JPL or the Pentagon?

This film doesn't miss a cliché. You've got the nerdy tech guy, the model-like blonde who can perform like Catwoman (what was her major -- tae kwon do), and the master planner who usually overlooks some of the most obvious facts and anticipatable blunders.

This is no "Mission Impossible" film. It displays none of the tension, suspense, unexpectedness, and overall polish. True, it doesn't have the budget, the effects, no Tom Cruise or drop-dead gorgeous actresses. But, come on. Budget doesn't always have to be the main criteria for whether a movie captures our imagination or not. We've all watched fairly low-budget films that were rich with imagination and ingenuity. Unfortunately, you aren't going to find these fine elements here.


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