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For Better Or For Worse -- Worst Attempt At A Domestic Abuse Story

Updated on October 15, 2015

Where were told the true abuser is the victim

After sitting through last week's travesty of where all the people this abusive heifer has abused in the past telling her it isn't her fault she got hit and she's the victim, I think I'm officially done with this show. I like Marcus and Angela, but not enough to support this show after the garbage that was sold as domestic abuse.

I had issues with the show when Angela's cancer story was shunted aside to highlight the nasty and foul Keesha dressing up like it was Halloween in court and conning the judge into giving her everything in a divorce settlement. That was after she stole Richard's phone so he couldn't even be told a hearing was set. And the whole thing was played as being funny, which it wasn't.

One of Tyler Perry's biggest problems is the way he always lets these evil bitches he seems to worship always win and victimize everyone else. And if you watch his If Loving You Is Wrong he also seems to worship white blonde blue-eyed women, as well. The character of Alex is a white blonde blue-eyed woman and she cheated on her husband with his supposedly best friend and she's being treated like the victim who is totally blameless for lying and cheating on her husband and trying to pass off another man's child as his own.

Back to the evil Keesha. What followed after she took everything in the divorce hearing [one this foul heifer shouldn't even have come out of with a dime] was her invading ex-husband Richard's business and taking every chance she could to emotionally abuse him, belittle him and grind him into the ground. It was hard to even watch the garbage this foul character was spewing out of her mouth. Richard even begged her to let up on him and she just kicked him in the face and emotionally abused him some more.

When I was watching this horrible woman in action I literally wanted to grab her by her tacky over-permed hair and smash his face into the ground repeatedly until it was nothing but a bloody pulp and she could emotionally abuse this guy no more. And when Richard finally had enough and snapped and hit the bitch, I cheered him for doing it. Because this bitch had gotten what she so richly deserved.

What happened was the abuser acting all scared and nice cause her victim fought back. Can I say I didn't fell an ounce of pity for this vile piece of garbage. And rightly so, cause the instant someone arrived, she was back to being the emotionally abusive piece of garbage she's always been.

What followed made me want to vomit. All the characters condemned Richard for hitting this vile piece of vermin cause a man doesn't hit a woman. And they even told the foul Keesha it wasn't her fault that Richard hit her. It never would have happened if this foul bitch hadn't provoked him time and time again. You damn right it was all this bitch's fault and to try and sell it like it wasn't was absolutely disgusting. She is no victim and she finally got what she had coming to her. What she was asking for for weeks and weeks.

Let me tell you if some man had gotten in another man's face and treated him the way Keesha treated Richard and he snapped and hit them, he would be told he was justified in what he did. But, oh, since it was this blood sucking leech who happens to be a woman who did it it's not her fault cause she's a woman. The warped message being that a woman can do anything to a man, but he has to take it cause she's a woman, which is the biggest pile of BS in the world.

I'm a woman and all for equal rights, but I'm sick to death of women provoking men and even hitting them and then pulling the, "But I'm a woman, you can't hit me back" card. If you really want equal rights and you want to emotionally abuse a man until he snaps, then you'd also better be willing to take the consequences for your actions and not playing victim when you get what you're asking for.

What made this travesty even worse was they had the nerve to run the domestic abuse number across the screen at the end of the show. An episode like this just puts back all the progress that's been made educating the public on domestic abuse. Sorry, Tyler Perry, but your precious evil bad bitch Keesha is not a victim of domestic abuse, she's the abuser. She emotionally abused a man beyond his limits and he gave her what she was asking for. She's nothing but an evil little bully being made out as a victim. Richard is the true victim of domestic abuse. Her victim. And did she learn anything from him hitting her? Oh, heck no, the minute the bully had a bunch of people around her, she was back to her emotionally abusive self, getting in this guys face abusing him, again.

To anyone watching this episode, there are true victims of domestic abuse who do absolutely nothing to be hit. They do nothing to provoke it. They're the true victims of domestic abuse. And there's been a lot of shows who did wonderful episodes that helped educate the public on this issue and bring it out in the open. This irresponsible piece of garbage that Tyler Perry put out is not even a real domestic abuse episode unless you view Richard as the victim of domestic abuse and not Keesha.

What makes it even worse was last week Perry had an episode where Angela was glorying in the fact that when Keesha kissed Marcus when they were dating she beat the crap out of her. See, it's okay in the world of Tyler Perry for women to beat up each other, but if a man hits a woman that went beyond the point of asking for a man to become violent with her, than that's not okay. It just shows what a complete hypocrite Tyler Perry is.

I beg of you, Mr. Perry, don't ever try to do a social issue episode again and make a complete travesty of the issue. Just stick to whatever you're good at, cause it sure isn't presenting a informed and responsible view of domestic abuse. Thanks to the garbage you put out you made it seem victims of domestic abuse deserve to be abused.


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