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For Greater Glory Movie Review

Updated on June 3, 2012

For Greater Glory Movie Review

I and most of my family watched a most wonderful movie based on historical fact last Saturday. It is called For Greater Glory and was directed by Dean Wright. What to me, that is truly ironic about this movie would be that most people are unaware of this history; that is the Cristero War in the 1920s... However, the most controversal issue of this movie may indeed be that Hollywood would have no part in producing or distributing it! Yet indeed, it reminds me of an academy award winning picture that came out about 50 years ago titled, A Man for All Seasons. Wow, Hollywood has changed for the worse, so rapidly. I must ask my friend, Howie Barish about this, for additional clarification...

Similar to A Man for All Seasons, For Greater Glory reveals the story of what happens when an ignorant government is determined to force people of faith to act against their consciences; eventually and quite explosively they resist.

One of the significant actors in this film, Andy Garcia, mentioned to, "that it is a fight for religious freedom and we have to remind ourselves that these are precious things that we enjoy in America, but these rights were fought for here also and we need to preserve them."

Take the time to see this movie; I guarantee it will not be a disappointment.


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