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For Paul

Updated on September 25, 2015

It was one of those happy days, i was with my friends enjoying the day,we had Chicken BBQ and varieties of drink to balance the day then Chris walked in with a DVD, i took it from him because of the title...FAST AND FURIOUS 1.

I liked Brian O'Connor

And it made me go for

Fast and Furious series

I liked Paul Walker

And i became a fan

For Paul

Death is inevitable but i never knew we will loose you this way, i can't even watch Fast and Furious 7 because it was half way shot before tragedy took you away and was released after you have gone, Paul, your kind is rear to find.

My heart was broken at the news

I live far from United States

But I shed tears with Americans

I shed tears with your friends and family

The lives you touched are many

Oh! Paul the hands of death took you so early

Should i question why it was you

Should i question why you were in that car

This is for Paul...

Although you are gone

You will forever be remembered

The legacy you left is strong

The lives you touched are much

The love you shared is still fresh

You will always be remembered

One day we will be together

And i will tell you how i enjoyed your movies

I still remember what you asked the Ferrari driver

Brian: What's the retail on one of those?

Ferrari Driver: More than you can afford pal. Ferrari.

"If one day the speed kills me, don't cry because i will be smiling"

Paul you died too fast and furious

But i believe that you are smiling

The love shown to you after death

The tears poured down for you

All proved that you are still around

You do not belong to the present or past

But to the future Paul Walker

Until the day we will see to part no more

Rest in Peace Paul


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