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Updated on February 4, 2016

Sometimes, not many things in this world are scarier than a late period after romping around with some randoms, but Isla Fisher can think of a few. Yes, there is a random fake bellied pregnancy horror movie floating around and you don’t need to get a DNA test to spend time with it.

“Visions”… hum… another one made in 2015? (nope, didn’t hear about it), stars Isla Fisher and Anson Mount along with the familiar TV show faces of “Community’s” Gillian Jacobs and “The Big Bang Theory’s” Jim Parsons (in this movie, Jim Parsons OBGYN).

Not much fun with flags is had when the story starts with Eveleigh Maddox (Isla Fisher) entering the hospital. All she can think about is waving the white flag of truce with other vehicle she collided with, hoping that everyone was alright.

Learning that the youngest of the passengers, an infant, didn’t make it, ‘Eve’ falls into a depression and refuses to drive. A year later, now pregnant, husband David Maddox (Anson Mount) moving his budding family to a wine Vineyard where he can make their dreams come true. The couple is hopeful despite an unusual ‘fit’ from a guest at their vineyard’s opening party.

‘Eve’ keeps seeing unusual things and her worried Dr. tries to convince her to go back on her anti-depressants. Refusing at first, she takes a yoga class and makes a new friend, but the visions continue to get worse. [Crack of thunder, bolt of lightning].

Seeming to have the obvious appearance of a ghost story… this movie isn’t one. has the sad rating of 5.2/10 stars and Netflix gave a rating of 3/5 stars. If I had any credibility before, I hope I don’t lose it now by saying- I really did enjoy this movie. Did I have my suspicions of the end of the movie right after the yoga class? Yes. Where they correct? Yes.

But... for some reason the predictability did not take anything away for me. I give this move a random rating of 4/5 stars and recommend for anyone who enjoys thrillers (non-gory) and movies like “The Others” or “Poltergeist”. This movie (not a spoiler) ends the same way as “American Horror Story –Haunted House” with the real-estate agent showing the house to another couple. It holds a lot of fun and popular attributes of the genre and ads some new and original ideas.

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