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Four Weddings -- Canada

Updated on July 20, 2012

I discovered something while recapping this episode of TLC's Four Weddings. I don't really pay that much attention to it when I'm watching it. Generally, I can't even remember the brides names or what their groom's look like. Recapping it I was able to remember all that and correctly predict who would win.

The four brides on this episode are: Kristen, Chantal, Melissa and Jori and their weddings range from $6,000 - $37,000 in price range.

Kristen is the first bride we meet. She's 24. She describes herself as bubbly and talkative. She describes her wedding as a Princess wedding. It will be Calla Lily themed [since that says Princess to her] and she'll also be having fireworks. Her fiance is named Justin. She's going to spend $25,000 for her wedding. She doesn't like mermaid style wedding gowns. Which segues into Chantal who...

Chantal is wearing a mermaid style wedding gown at her wedding. She's 39. She's going to have a soap opera themed wedding because her and her fiance love watching soaps. I used to love watching soaps myself, but that was before they became crap. Her decor will be different shades of purple. She's spending $33,000 on her wedding. She says a cash bar is a no-no.

You know, until this I didn't really know what a cash bar was. I'd heard the expression. People actually make people pay for their own drinks at a wedding? I can understand the mentality. You don't want guests to get drunk and ruin your reception. How about a compromise? The first drink is on the house and after that you have to pay for them.

Anyway bride Jori is having a cash bar. She's 21. She says she's wise beyond her years. She's spending $6,000 for her wedding. Her wedding is a country themed wedding. She intends for her dog to be the ring bearer. Her family will be preparing all the food for the wedding. She wants everyone to wear cowboy boots to her wedding.

Melissa is 29. She and her fiance, Mike, are runners. She's have a traditional wedding. Latin food and music. Her wedding gown in a sweetheart strapless dress with pockets. I like pockets, but not on a wedding gown. She's going to be paying $37,000 for her wedding. The reception will be held down by the water.

The four brides meet and toast each other, then it's off to Chantal's wedding.

I'm not sure how it's considered a soap opera themed wedding. The reception has a few soap elements, but the actually wedding doesn't seem to have any. The wedding is taking place outside on a golf course. Very strange venue. Kristen says the sashes on the chairs look unfinished because they're not on all the chairs. She also thinks Chantal doesn't look comfortable in her wedding gown because the mermaid style makes it look like it's hard for Chantal to walk in it. Jori and Melissa commented they could hear the cicada bugs more than they could hear the wedding vows.

Next comes the cocktail hour and Jori says the drinks tasted fruity. Then it's off to the actual reception. Each table is named after a soap opera character. They're seat at the Paul Williams character, so that means the couple is a fan of the Young And Restless. The couple also dances to the theme of their favorite soap, but I couldn't recognize the tune. I'm guessing it was the Young and the Restless, again. I think they've changed their theme song from the classic old tune that used to be the theme song. And I think that's the sum total of the soap opera theme.

Melissa says Chantal had some nice details in the decor of the reception. Jori thought the speeches went on a little long, but when Chantal's son spoke it made her cry and was the highlight of the wedding for her. And Kristen said the chicken was cooked perfectly. There was also a good mix of music by the DJ. Melissa, however, expected to see more of Chantal and Courtney's Caribbean culture.

Jori gave a 6.5 for Chantal's dress, because she thought Chantal wasn't comfortable in her dress and had a hard time walking.

Melissa gave the venue an 8.

Kristen gave the food an 8.

Next, it's on to Kristen's wedding. Once again the stated theme didn't really seem to be present. Kristen's wedding is held outside and Jori says she can smell manure in the air. Yeah, nothing says princess like the aroma of cow poop. Hand fans were provided on the chairs, which was good, since it was hot out. Chantal said the bouquets were as big as a three month old baby. Melissa wasn't a fan of Kristen's big wedding gown. Jori couldn't hear the vows because traffic kept going by and there was also the sound of a waterfall in the background. However, Jori liked the balloon release.

None of the visiting brides could hear the ceremony. Chantal thought the pastor had pronounced Kristen married but the wedding kept going on. Drinks were served on the veranda, but Jori learned while the other guests had to pay for their drinks, the three visiting brides didn't, and didn't seem to like that they weren't being treated like real guests. There was some kind of meat loaf but Melissa couldn't tell what it was and wouldn't eat it.

The three visiting brides weren't impressed by the decor in the reception. They thought it was plain. Jori described as white with blue Poppa Smurf thrown up all over the place. Melissa didn't like the centerpieces; thought they looked fake. Melissa said the main course wasn't great, either. The roast beef was tough and Chantal agreed. Jori, however, liked the dessert.

Melissa said only 15 people were dancing on the dance floor, but at least the people at their table were fun. Jori suspected Kristen seated them with them to impress them. None of the brides seemed too impressed by Kristen's fireworks show.

Chantal gave the wedding dress a 6.5

Jori gave the food a 3

Melissa gave the venue 7

Next it was on to Melissa's Latin-Italian Fiesta wedding. The wedding took place in a church that was hot. Jori used a bible to fan herself. It was a traditional ceremony with a ring bearer and flower girl that Kristen loved. Melissa was wearing a beautiful but plain dress. The only sparkle was the glittery belt she wore around her waist. Kristen wasn't a fan of the big bow in the back. Jori and Kristen talked about how long the ceremony was and how they had to keep standing up and sitting down.

Things didn't get better after the wedding. The visiting brides learned they had to wait 5 hours before the wedding reception would start. Chantal wasn't impressed by the wedding venue. The building was by the water by inside it was plain. The decor was white with a bit of yellow. which is almost like white on white. Jori liked the cocktail hour. They had this cool ice sculpture where the bartender poured the drinks through the ice sculpture into the glass.

The dinner menu had some yeahs and nays about it. Kristen thought the food was pretty good, but Jori got a piece of meat that was still bleeding. The cup cakes that were served instead of wedding cake was hard. Jori says she likes eating a slice of wedding cake at a wedding, not a cup cake. Jori, however, enjoyed herself on the dance floor.

Melissa is sure she's won the contest for best wedding. I'm sure she didn't. A five hour wait between the wedding and reception is not a crowd pleaser.

Kristen gave the dress a 6

Jori gave the food a 4.5

Chantal gave the venue a 7

The last wedding is Jori's Country Hoe-Down. it gives new meaning to the word no frills. First off, the brides have a hard time finding where the wedding is taking place. Luckily some guests arrive and they follow them. There are 22 people in the wedding party and they're all wearing different colors. Chantal says Jori looked pretty in her dress and Kristen said the ceremony was crazy.

Jori road in on a horse and had some trouble dismounting in her gown. Her dog didn't bring her the rings like she planned; he visited the guests instead. Then no one knew what was to happen after the wedding was over.

The reception hall was barren without any decorations. It looked like a high school gym. There was just nothing that made it festive. Chantal not happy about the wedding dinner being a buffet. Kristen said the food was disappointing. The brides can't tell what a lot of the food is supposed to be. Kristen said the brownies felt store bought and she was only given a half-teaspoon of ice cream. And the cash bar was the worst. You paid for the drink then you had to make your own. Kristen says there was no entertainment and the best part of the wedding was Jori's dress.

Kristen gave the food a 4

Chantal gave the dress a 7

Melissa gave the venue a 6

Kristen says Jori's wedding was no competition for hers. No kidding. While Jori thinks Kristen will be her big competition. Honey, your wedding isn't even in the running. Meanwhile, Chantal says she's just experiencing everything and enjoying it and not worrying about who wins.

After gathering at the mansion to toast each other, it's no surprise when Chantal's husband comes out of the limo. She had the best wedding in comparison to the other three brides.

The rankings were:

1. Chantal

2. Melissa with a 75

3. Kristen with a 74.5

4 Jori with a 59.5

Chantal and Courtney won a honeymoon on a yacht.

Melissa thinks it was the decor that got Chantal the win.

Kristen doesn't get why Chantal won over her.

Melissa says she wouldn't change anything about her wedding, which is the best way to look at it. As long as you're happy with the wedding you had it's completely incidental if you win or lose some silly contest.


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