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Fox News (is) for Dummies: Pt. II

Updated on June 3, 2016
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I have a B.A. in English with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. I've been a Goth since age fourteen, and a Pagan since age fifteen.


If you haven't read part I, please, allow me to suggest catching up on this attempt to educate those choosing to be informed by Fox News. In part I, I explained a little about how they badly persuade America to trust in their broadcasts. Of course, if this were the case, they would have a far lower viewer rating! So, if you wish to see proof of how Americans are being misinformed through Fox News, please keep reading.

Income Inequality

Fox puts a lot of effort into diminishing the importance of anyone other than the upper-class. Topics such as minimum wage are frequently expressed in a way that makes low-wage workers out to be lazy undeserving teenagers, instead of the reality that most are older, more educated, and harder working than depicted. Fox devalues the need to raise the wage by lying about how it impacts society. Bill O'Reilly's opinion that low-wage workers are all "too young" to need money is flawed because the younger people are trying to go to college, which is usually why they choose to work. Likewise, young adults in low-wage jobs need money to pay back college loans, and to survive when their degrees don't guarantee them a higher paying job, these days. Critics of raising the minimum wage tend to be older generations who think it's still the same economy they grew up in. Over time, the wage has not increased anywhere close to where it should have in order to afford the rising prices of everything else.


No one is required to like President Obama, but lying about his actions doesn't support one's opinions. During presidential elections, Fox reports on gas prices as proof that a president is good or bad. One would hope most people would not base their entire opinion on a president by the current gas prices, considering there are more important factors in one's leadership skills; however, when gas prices are high, they complain Obama is "bad." When Obama works to lower the gas prices, that becomes "bad." As you can see in the clip, they don't really care what Obama does, only that he is considered an undesirable president.

Religion vs. Science

There is tolerance and there is bigotry. Hosts of Fox value religion, specially Christianity, above science, even when speaking with atheist guests. In a short interview with Bill Maher, Bill O'Reilly talks over Maher as a way to prevent his own weaknesses in what he knows about both religion and science to be heard; however, considering the look on Maher's face when O'Reilly attempts to explain science, the failure is already obvious. When Maher argues there are mostly illogical and immoral stories in the bible, O'Reilly goes for the common excuse that it's "not meant to be taken literally," even though he also argues that he believes in "The New Testament." Meanwhile, as he is preaching that Maher isn't respectful of religious people—when Maher is only voicing an opinion about religious texts—O'Reilly disrespects Maher's thoughts as an atheist, and proves he knows little about evolution.

LGBT Rights

To prove their so-called knowledge on LGBT issues, Fox gives audiences a self-hating lesbian as a guest to share their concern over the fight for equality. Conservative lesbian radio host, Tammy Bruce believes that gays are bullying religious groups that continue to fight against equal marriage laws. It would be one thing if gays were against Christians for being Christian, but this is not true. The LGBT community wants equality.

Tammy tells viewers that, as minorities, gays should be helping to raise up Christians because she believes they are a minority as well. Well, Christianity is one of the top religions in the world; therefore, her argument holds no basis in reality. Those watching without sufficient education on LGBT and religious issues are being further promoted towards intolerance and ignorance on these subjects.

Climate Change

Whenever it snows, Fox News asks, "What happened to global warming?" Fox has no idea how global warming/climate change works or that there is something unusual and scary about colder, longer, unpredictable winters or likewise, hotter, longer, unpredictable summers. I don't remember my childhood consisting of weeks where one day it's a blizzard and the next day I'm covered in sweat. I think I would remember that if this were typical. Fox discusses how it's apparently a political plot for power. The claim that it's political propaganda has little to do with the outcome. It won't matter who is president or whether science has more power than religion when our planet has completely run out of resources.


After protests over racial profiling by police, Fox spent a long time attempting to convince America that there isn't a race problem in this country. They focus on the violent outbreaks by protesters, and push aside the unmerited violent treatment by police that fueled the protests in the first place. As with any other controversial topic on the network, hosts assume other races have the same life experiences as they do. They assume that because they never had problems with cops, due to their white and upper-class privilege, these protesters are acting impulsively because they're mentally unbalanced. In fact, the so-called active police protection for upper-class white men is nothing more than a way to control the minorities by continuing to depict them as a dangerous group; thereby feeding into the image that black people are in fact evil.


Fox thinks immigrants are going to take over the country if too many are allowed in. They ignore the history of America which is immigration. Russell Brand points out where the names of some of our states came from. They aren't English terms, they're Spanish. The reason? They were originally formed by Mexicans.

Fox's claim that immigrants will not be prepared to survive in America is as weak as the one that immigrants come to America to take American jobs. First, immigrants are self-sufficient. One does not have to speak English in America to be employed, which is part of why America is a melting pot. Second, if they are not as educated as those who have been here for much longer, they may still be employed, but they won't have higher paying jobs that require higher education because, in case it hasn't been obvious, minimum wage jobs are easier to attain than degree-related ones.

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I do feel badly for the millions of Americans watching Fox News, trusting in its shows to help them learn more about the world around them, but if they haven't figured out by now that what they're watching is fictional garbage that does little more than turn innocent downtrodden members of society into criminals out to destroy rich white people, it's difficult to continue to have sympathy. At the very least, I hope these articles made a Fox News hater feel relieved to know that they refuse to believe in faux news.

© 2015 social thoughts


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  • social thoughts profile image

    social thoughts 2 years ago from New Jersey

    Thank you, memelo3. :)

  • memel03 profile image

    Melody Lanei 2 years ago from Queens, New York

    Way to educate the masses!! #StandingOvation