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Fracture (2007)

Updated on July 8, 2020

Fracture (2007) review

This was the perfect formula for a great film. It had intriguing characters, a very entertaining and well written script and a well paced story. It was a heart pounding ride, a police drama but with a twist - you already know who the killer is. The question becomes can he get away with it? The stakes are high and so is the excitement in this crime thriller. This was a unique entry for the genre and was engaging from beginning to end.

Fracture (2007) was written by Daniel Pyne and Glenn Gers. It was directed by Gregory Hoblit and stars Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. A district attorney named William (Gosling) takes a case that is supposed to be open and shut due to a signed confession and plenty of evidence. However, as the case unravels he finds that Theodore Crawford (Hopkins), the man accused of murdering his wife, actually has a bigger plan in motion that will test the sanity of William, the young district attorney.

Hopkins is an extraordinary actor with the Midas touch. Every role he assumes becomes motion picture gold. When he portrays a cold, sinister minded character, he is arguably far better than any other actor. It was fascinating to me to watch the way he remained one step ahead of the criminal investigators and constantly toying with the mental stability of Gosling. This made him far more terrifying. The most formidable of foes, he used the only weapon at his disposal and used it with far better accuracy than his opponents - the law.

Gosling gave an outstanding performance as well, and it can’t be easy to try and hold your own in a scene with the great Anthony Hopkins.

You should definitely see this film if you like Hopkins or crime dramas.This film will not disappoint you.

Cast trivia

  • George Clooney was attached to direct at one point.
  • Chris Evans auditioned for the role of Willy Beachum.
  • Cliff Curtis (Detective Flores) appeared in another movie called Fracture (2004), produced in his native New Zealand. Just like in this movie, he plays a detective.
  • This was the feature film debut of Sophie Hoblit, the daughter of Gregory Hoblit.
  • This cast includes one Oscar winner (Hopkins) and three Oscar nominees (Ryan Gosling, David Strathaim and Rosamund Pike.

Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins

Production trivia

  • When Ted Crawford is being arraigned, a directory of judges is seen over his shoulder, with the names Eads and Vacarro. Those are the last names of the Production Designer and Set Designer. Also, When Willy Beachum is in his office, the boxes behind his desk are labelled “People vs. Beaupre”. Steven Beaupre was the second Assistant Director.
  • Fracture (2007) had a budget of 10 million dollars, and brought in 92 million worldwide.
  • Fracture (2007) was released on April 20, 2007 and was distributed by New Line Cinema.
  • This movie was filmed in Los Angeles, California.
  • This is the first New Line Cinema and Castle Rock Entertainment collaboration since the mid 1990s, before both companies were bought by Ted Turner.


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