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Free Entertainment

Updated on April 14, 2012

Websites to Help You Entertain Your Family on a Budget

Free Entertainment

ENTERTAINMENT DOESN’T HAVE TO COST AN ARM AND A LEG! This free website includes time-tested tips to help you save money on entertainment. If you want to entertain your family on a budget, you’ve come to the right place!

Free and Inexpensive Entertainment by the Money Saving Expert

  • Take advantage of free concerts that are often held in most large cities.Check the newspaper's entertainment section, or search Google with "free concert" in quotes. Remember that your newspaper is probably online.
  • Take advantage of the matinee. It's usually cheaper and less crowded. I found a theater that offers two dollar matinees!
  • Renting movies is much cheaper than going to the movies. Use an inexpensive service, such as Red Box or Netflix, to rent movies. Pop your own popcorn, and you’re ready for a movie!
  • Take advantage of your local library.Free books, magazines, Internet access, movies, and music are often available at your library. You might be surprised to see what you can check out. Currently, I'm checking out the first season of a major television series. If I were to purchase this or rent it, it would cost me over thirty dollars. At the library, it's free!
  • Utilize local parks. They’re usually free.
  • Stay at home and play a board game. If this isn’t quality family time, what is? Besides that, it’s pretty inexpensive.

  • Colleges can be excellent sources of free or inexpensive entertainment. Inexpensive plays, music, and lectures are almost always available.

  • Play intramural sports. It’s often inexpensive, fun, and good for your health.
  • Many novels, newspapers, and magazines are online and free. Take advantage of this by checking out, onlinebooks.library, or Project Gutenberg.
  • Take a picture. It used to be that photography was an expensive hobby. With digital photography, it doesn't have to be expensive now. You can always delete pictures before developing them.
  • Consider an e-reader if you like to read a lot. The initial cost can be great, but books are far, far cheaper in the long run.   

Inexpensive and Free Entertainment

Do you know about any other entertainment deals?

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