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Free Online 80s Radio Stations

Updated on August 3, 2009

Back in the late 90s it was considered extremely uncool to still dig 80s music. I remember when the first 80s station popped up in town -- I was ecstatic! But my friends thought it was embarrassing, and always made me change the station. Eh, whatever. Of course, now it's perfectly acceptable to listen to 80s music, and perhaps even a bit chic in some circles. Sadly, there aren't many radio stations playing it where I live (I don't think there are any 80s stations here, actually). Fortunately, there are LOADS of good internet radio stations dedicated to it, and I have lots of stations saved in my iTunes library.

Even more exciting is how many themed stations there are -- cos we weren't all the same in the 80s, were we. Some of us listened to pop, some new wave, some rock and some metal, and now you can all pick your channel, so you don't have to listen to stuff you don't want to listen to. Sure, you have your faves on your iPod -- but sometimes you want to hear things you haven't heard in a long time. Things you can rediscover and then go add to your iPod!

Sky FM Best of the 80s


This is my FAVORITE 80s station. Every time I listen to this station, I hear song that make me smile. Songs that remind me of my teenage years in ways that nothing else ever could. The playlist is massive and I love it. LOVE IT!

Star 107.9


Star 107.9 says they were the first 80s American radio station. All I know is that they play one the best mixes you can find. This is the stuff that was on the radio on your way to school in the morning. U2's Desire is playing as I write this -- think I'll be leaving this station on for a bit!

DHM Channel 8: All 80s


The first time I really tried this one out they were playing Juice Newton's version of Angel of the Morning. I used to really, really love that song as a kid, and so I can became a fan straight away. It's not easy listening though, no worries -- the next song was Bob Seger's Shakedown! (And if Beverly Hills Cop doesn't take you back to the 80s, nothing will....)

1 FM Euro 80s Channel


Did you prefer the Euro pop hits of the 80s? Then here you go. If you're American, you may not recognize all of the songs, but Euro Pop fans will probably dig the songs anyway.

Got Radio: Rockin 80s


Were you that kid in biology with the long hair, tight jeans, leather jacket and construction boots? Then this is probably the channel for you. Hair bands galore! Motley Crue, Bon Jovi... etc.

RadioIo 80s New Wave


I happen to love New Wave, so this is one of my fave stations. The website has loads more as well and you can listen from there, or find them in your iTunes radio list.


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