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Free Online Ambient Radio Stations

Updated on January 6, 2009

Ambient music is absolutely fantastic stuff. It's not the most popular music in the world, but few people who actually listen to it will say that they don't at least like it a little bit. It comes in all forms, and there are some artists who are better than others, obviously, but most of what I've heard on the following radio stations has been quite good. That's actually rather impressive, considering how broad the spectrum of radio play tends to be in any given genre -- you tend to get the good and the bad mixed together. Not so with these stations; it all seems to be good. If you like Nu-Jazz, Chill-Out, Downtempo and other similar types of music, you will often find them played on these stations as well.

1. Ambient Popsicle


This is my favorite, favorite ambient station. If you have a Mac, it's already in your iTunes. Go turn it on! I can listen to this radio station all day and I do not hear repeats. As a matter of fact, I've only heard the same song twice so far. Can you believe that? I'm sure they re-play tracks, but I've honestly not noticed it. They play everything from ambient pop, to trip-hop, to nu-jazz to downtempo, etc, etc. It's the best station, you really need to check it out. They've also got other stations you might like, such as Jet City Lounge.

2. Chill Out Lounge


This station is up there with Ambient Popsicle. They play a fab mix of ambient genres that I really love to listen to. Again, if you have iTunes, you will find this station already installed. Try it, you'll like it.

3. Groove Salad


I love Groove Salad, too. It was the first ambient station I started listening to online. Soma FM has several stations to choose from; if you don't like Groove Salad I recommend trying one of their others. DroneZone, for example, is quite interesting, with lots of space music.

4. Relax and Smooth


Very good station featuring lounge and chillout. As you can probably tell from their web address, this is a French station. Not surprising, considering how popular ambient is in Europe. The website's in French but you can figure it out -- or you can always just open it in iTunes, as it's already there.

5.SSRadio Lounge and Chill


Another station that plays ambient, trip-hop, chillout and nu-jazz. This one is based in the UK and they've got several stations on their site. If you don't like this type of ambient, have a look at some of the others.

6. Traxx Lounge


As with several of the others, Traxx has other stations as well, including an ambient/new agey one. I'm not so into the New Age music, so I didn't list it here, but if you like that kind of thing you will like their Traxx Ambient station. The Traxx Lounge has great music that ranges from downtempo to chillout. Very, very good stuff here.


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    • Megtom profile image


      5 years ago from Utah

      Great article, I've never heard of any of these but I loooove ambient radio. Me, I like listening to SoundCloud.

    • vyzion radio profile image

      vyzion radio 

      7 years ago from North Carolina

      Another great internet radio station is Vyzion Radio. You can listen 24/7 for free and they have a mobile app.

    • Vizey profile image


      10 years ago

      These days people don't listen to radio much. Only people with special interest listen to it., but I listen to radio every day. Thanks for info on radio stations.

    • CamiloATW profile image


      10 years ago is a social network that also has radio stations and the good thing about them is that you can hear any type of genre you like. At the same time you can upload your favorite music, make your own playlist and just hear what you want to hear. To learn more about just simply go to my profile and read the hub I wrote on it.

    • solacemoon profile image


      10 years ago from Illinois

      Thanks for the info I love ambient music .Always looking for new places to listen at.

    • Isabella Snow profile imageAUTHOR

      Isabella Snow 

      10 years ago

      Bruce - Hope you like it!

      Property Finance - Yes, I remember listening to real FM radio, before things like MTV existed!

    • profile image

      Property Finance 

      10 years ago

      Remember me my old days when in the morning i had a cup of coffee and listen to the FM in the rain.

    • Bruce Elkin profile image

      Bruce Elkin 

      10 years ago from Victoria, BC Canada

      Cool! Didn't even know this stuff existed. One of the big pluses about HubPages - new stuff all the time. Thanks!



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