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French Singer-Songwriter Anne Legras

Updated on June 10, 2011
From Anne Legras' Facebook Page
From Anne Legras' Facebook Page | Source

Beautiful Contemporary Music Perfectly Performed

The clean, sultry sound of Ann Legras voice seems to swell up from her deep soul, with a clarity that can only be found when a non-native speaker works hard to perfect their new language. The surprising clarity and precision of her sound is combined with the deep, resonant contralto that is reminiscent of cellos and red wine. Ann Legras is a performer on the rise, undoubtedly about to take the world's adult contemporary musical scene like a powerful wind off the Mediterranean Sea.

She is French, with the lilting accent accentuating her English lyrics, with an occasional song sung completely in French. She creates layered sounds by overlapping her precise, technical finger-picking and strumming of various acoustic guitars with some occasional light percussion and Enya-like choral flourishes. I praise her technique, which risks making her work sound soulless. Quite the opposite is true. Her voice couldn't sound soulless. Her meticulous arrangements bring out the depth and richness of what is possible in alternate tunings of acoustic guitars, in a manner somewhere between Nick Drake and James Taylor.

A physicist by training, she was working in advanced physics before she abandoned it for music. She tells the story of working in a dangerous part of a superconducting supercollidor, covered in safety gear, and having her musical epiphany. She had pursued Physics to understand the world. She returns to music to find that same inner peace.

With her first untitled album forthcoming soon, I know the music world is about to be soothed and seduced by this gently soulful singer-songwriter from France. Her work suggests a deep, ruminative person, with much intelligence and inner space worth exploring in song. Her early work seems to fall between the folk singers of the 70s and more modern expressions of singers that rely on technology like Imogen Heap and Enya.

An accomplished performer in her own right, she has posted some incredible cover songs to her YouTube account. These cover songs reveal a wealth of influence between classic folk rock like James Taylor and Tracy Chapman, as well as pop and electronica from Peter Gabriel and The Police.

Let's have a listen, shall we?

Where can I find more Anne Legras?

Watch her Youtube channel for a diverse range of beautiful music. I consider myself lucky to have found out about this beautiful singer from a friend's Twitter feed. I'm sure this lovely voice will be around a long time, and will be a career to watch among Adult Contemporary Folk performers!

Watch this hub for updates!

Links to More!

Anne Legras' YouTube account

Anne Legras on Facebook


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