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Friday 11.11.11 Alappuzha Fahad Fazil Movie Review

Updated on August 18, 2012
3 stars for Friday 11.11.11 Alappuzha

Friday 11.11.11 is a good one(not among the best we have had this year).The direction,cinematography and soundtrack are good.But the story part could have been a bit better.On the whole its not a bad film.Its more than worth a watch,but less than awesome.The climax is one interesting aspect of the film.Without it the film would have been a 1 hour 45 mins documentary saying 'You shouldn't keep something that is not yours''

The movie as its name suggests is a 'one day many stories' film.Fahad plays the role of an auto-rickshaw driver who finds it difficult to meet the ends.Nedumudi Venu plays the role of a grand father who has come to the town for a wedding purchase for his grand daughter with his hard earned money.Ann Augustine plays the role of a college girl in love with one of her classmates,Muneer(who actually is the owner of Fahad's auto).Then there are three women one who has just gave birth to a child,another who has just adopted one and another who is a beggar and is pregnant and has no one to look after her.Then there are some other characters who connects the ends.In the climax all(most) of these characters come together at one place.The climax is one interesting aspect of the film.Without it the film would have been a 1 hour 45 mins documentary saying 'You shouldn't keep something that is not yours''

The movie primarily focuses on giving some moral values.After almost three quarters of the film you get a feeling that some of the characters are really unnecessary.The film takes a new twist as it enters the climax and all the characters come into play.

The camera is superb.It completely absorbs the natural beauty of Alappuzha.Same goes with the sound.There are even some underwater shots in the film.The climax too has been well choreographed.

The film on some parts focuses on the hardships that the unprivileged and poor have to face.It also shows the prejudice and lack of sincerity clogging in some Govt. institutions.

Lijin Jose has done well in his first film.There are no major or 'major minor' errors in the film.Seems like Malayalam film industry is now flooding with good directors,script writers and the like.Fahad has again shown that he wont choose a bad script.He is showing the way for all the youngsters out there.This film is recommended for all kinds of viewers.It wouldn't be a waste of your money or time.

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    • Sharooq profile imageAUTHOR

      Sharooq Farzeen A K 

      6 years ago from India

      the ending is tragic,but it was needed.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      liked the movie except for the ending...


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