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Friends With Money Movie Review

Updated on October 25, 2012

Clicks for Some

When we are young, we can rarely guess what is the future of friendship that we are so sure is the star of our relationship statuses at that point. But then as time passes, some friends change, then also we realize that money plays a major role in life once we are given a major job of earning it, some just drift apart. The title aptly describes which aspect this particular movie delves in. It is a right movie for some of us who are curious enough to know about the movie after reading the title.For others who are given a bit fairer chance by fate on this front will simply find it boring. Friends With Money is a movie about how a thing like money affects or maybe does not affect this thing called friendship.


Four friends, three of them married, all three pairs with a kid. The one that is left out is the one with all the heavy baggage, Olivia(Jennifer Aniston). Olivia suffers in the hands of her poor fate with lack of finances, a painful past with bad relationships and a lack of a good one too. And besides to top it all, she has a chronic dissatisfaction of losing her one good relationship with a guy called Raymond who is now married and to whom she still feels an inclination to revert back.

This movie shows nothing new to what we look around us. There are happy couples, sad ones and the not-so-sure ones. The three couples reflect exactly this thing. Christine and David are the exemplified versions of their own species who have difficulty coping to each other's differences. The movie starts showing them in their springs and slowly and steadily fading into dark reality of their relationship. Franny and Greg are the happy couple who know the trick to working things out. Their lives are the peaceful ones so that makes them most appeal-able.and least interesting. Jane and Aaron are the middle blocks of the story that have everything working out for them except perhaps the constant behavior of Aaron that hints that he might be gay. Which Jane realizes but is too afraid to face and hence is constantly frustrated.

These four friends in spite of all their differences in lives and behaviors still understand the value of friendship and its importance in their lives. They are often shown to be gossiping among each other of their likes and dislikes about others. Dislikes mostly. After all, where's the fun in talking good behind a person and also that's what friends really do. Gossip always with a good intention. It shows tactfully how growing up changes the way things are often said and done with the same friends to whom once a sharp retort would mean nothing in a matter of moments.That is, it simply shows how growing up brings all the strings and egos with it.

The simplicity of the movie is its only charm. As said earlier, the movie is only enchanting to you if it manages to cold read you. There are many scenes and dialogues to which the general demographics can relate and hence it can pass for a good movie. The movie proceeds with slow and often disconcerted scenes about the lives of these four friends and is simply a short time span in their lives that has a past and also a future.

A Shorter version of "Short Cuts"

I would again like to acknowledge the subtly nice acting of Jennifer Aniston. Though all of the characters are given a healthy amount of screen time, Jenny gets a better part of it. All characters of the movie are played really well and evolve with the movie as we see them more and more.

The editing and screenplay however are however the disastrous part. The audience fails to flow with the movie as is expected from such movies and is often left wondering if some scene was meant to be there between two consecutive scenes or like did I blink and miss something? As my heading says, this is a little lesser version of the movie Short Cuts with of course altogether different theme. All I meant to point out is an ensemble of quality actors. Another terribly wrong part of the movie is the lack of music or proper songs to support the moment. There are plenty of movies that did really well just because of the presence of pleasant music to our ears. Many scenes give us a feeling of watching a silent movie interrupted by someone talking. Maybe not so bad.


There are a host of movies made with entangled characters and how they affect each others lives and there are people who like to see such movies. This movie is for those people. Also there are people who have gone through the problems that are portrayed in the movie who will feel a connection to it because of that. Leaving all this apart, the movie is neither very interesting nor boring. Almost predictable yet pleasant to watch. Really subtle and good acting by most of the star cast. And the best part is not showing rich people too much offhand or the poor ones too sloppy. It shows life the way it is.

Friends With Money


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