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Fringe Cult Classic

Updated on May 9, 2012

Fringe Cast


Fringe Cult Classic?

I watch Fringe. I like the actors with whom I have profound respect because they must have a difficult time keeping a straight face while shooting. As with all of JJ Abrams works they are always mathematically imbalanced writing, implausible plots, and very very simple formats without a plot points or anything else that mares what constitutes decent writing and productions. Again, I love the actors because I realize their plights but their pay checks must make them feel better.

At the heart of writing escapism the creator, producers and writers must recognize that the individual wants to escape and not be labeled as an impressionable person for which they belong to a cult made by JJ Abrams. In fact I would submit to the contrary. While Abrams makes his living amusing people with escapism his fan base are not people with whom would join him. If anything his fan base is perplexed how Abrams manages his public relations bills for what have been three failing television shows. We would feel sorry for the actors stuck in such shoddy productions except we know they are paid very well but one can't help but wonder if they were offered better parts and equal pay they would abandon Abrams Fringe. So I bet even the actors wouldn't be in the cult of Abrams without those huge pay checks.

And while I like Fringe because I realize how difficult it is for those actors to continue. It is only interesting to that point. Abrams has absolutely no concept of Science or anything that has been written in these shows. If anything in all of his productions he is lost, uneducated and the shows never reach syndication which is where the big money is. By the very nature of being uneducated, ignorant and mathematically inharmonious the producer generates the anti-cult and not the cult classic. The Cult Classic label for which I am certain Abrams pays dearly is just that Public Relations for very poor productions, poor writing and exceptional strain on actors.

I cringe at Fringe. The thought a 100 years from now historians would believe JJ Abrams produced, wrote or was involved in creating Cult Classics makes me shutter. For the first point he is dabbling in anti-cult behavior by writing/producing escapism. The second point is the production are a creative process for which all the production including writers are responsible. It is an unfair burden on those fine actors to make them carry the production without the benefit of good writing ie; plot lines and through lines, strong scripts, an ounce of credibility of Science, strong production staff and equal direction. Sets and actors don't make a production although Abrams would seem to claim so. And they definitely don't make cult classics.

Perhaps Abrams can take time from his busy schedule of Mass productions and take time off to actually earn the Cult Clasic title to which he aspires so greatly. He could hire science consultants, hire writers, AP, Art Directors, and direct himself.

Otherwise I think Fringe will not only not be a cult classic but will end the way all of Abrams television productions end...without syndication. But I wouldn't blame the actors.

Do you think Fringe is a Cult Classic?

Do You Think Fringe is a Cult Classic?

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The reader decides.

 But I recommend all of you view these shows and make a determination on your own.

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Room For Fringe/JJ Abrams Productions

I like JJ Abrams productions but I would like to see him grow as an artist. I would really like him to put his back into his work on Fringe before Fringe gets canceled. On each of his previous shows they fall apart towards the end. Given he wrote Armaggedon, JJ Abrams is all about the endings. I would like to see him give his loyal cast and crews the opportunity to make Fringe's next season compelling. Life is far more bizarre than fiction. A scientific consultant would be a significant help to the Fringe writers. Abrams could embrace working on this production and truly for the first time making it a cult classic by infusing it with actual scientifically valid scripts. It doesn't have to be all correct but some of it has to be plausible. Besides I feel like Fringe and The Event have been hacking away at the same plot line for a while.

I would submit in order for anything to be takes work. And I believe Fringe has the ability to be a classic (maybe not to the extent of a cult after all it is only television) but only if Abrams makes it his top priority. Quality over quantity. As a writer I am often asked for mass production as well but it has hurt Fringe and all of Abrams other productions.

Let's hope Abrams pulls it together for the next season so Fringe does make it to syndication.


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