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From Hell to Borneo

Updated on March 14, 2011

"From Hell to Borneo" is a fast moving action adventure film starring George Montgomery, Torin Thatcher, and Julie Gregg. Montgomery is John Dirkson, the inheritor of a tropical island paradise in the South Pacific but his paradise is overrun with mercenaries, pirates, and other assorted figures hired by Belltower (Torin Thatcher) who wants to snatch the island away from Dirkson and create an empire in that part of the world. Filmed in the Philippines, it is easy to imagine yourself on the island, surrounded by palm trees, the beach, surf, and a martini in your hand. Dirkson is well trained in mercenary tactics though and wastes no time in fighting against Belltower's forces. Look for the lovely Julie Gregg as Belltower's daughter Marjorie, who sings a sultry version of "Sugar Cane Man." Perfect for the whole family to watch on a weekend evening.


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