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From Molly Moon To Star Wars

Updated on October 1, 2018
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Self-taught entrepreneur, website designer, writer, editor, a self-published author, director and computer genius with an imperfect life!

First Of All

Aside from social media blowing what happened between Dominic and I out of proportion for their own personal gain, I truly believe Dominic’s a brilliant actor.

Once Bitten...

When I heard Dominic got the Star Wars job, I was hoping it was all a bad dream and that I’d wake up and he’d actually be reunited with Patricia Routledge to bring back Hetty Wainthropp Invesitgates, but no…he REALLY IS a cast member of Star Wars. Yep, Star Wars, the franchise that was so desperate to keep the pathetic charade going longer than it should have that they hired Mickey Mouse and the creator of Lost to muck it all up for all of their diehard fans, myself included. I was a huge a fan of Star Wars and believed it should have ended with Revenge of the Sith. Don’t get me wrong, Carrie Fischer and Mark Hamill were brilliant in IV, V, and VI, but they should have left it there. Yoda died in Revenge of the Jedi!!! Hello!!! Where does it have to go? Leave it up to J.J. Abrams to try and figure it out. What’s wrong with him, you ask? He saw to it that Dominic Monaghan’s career was ruined for the next 12 years because of one line! Drumroll, please…


The poor guy. J.J. Abrams is good at one thing. He’s a genius at making everyone believe he knows how to direct. I could go on all day with how awful of a director J.J. Abrams is, but I won’t. I’ll just finish it with this final thought. Isn’t Baskin Robbins always hiring?

Just sit here and stare at this for 12 years. This has been Dominic's life. It's been following him around like a turd stuck on a bear's hairy ass.

You poor man. Every time I see this I want to hug him and tell him, "You won't be remembered this way."
You poor man. Every time I see this I want to hug him and tell him, "You won't be remembered this way."

"I could go on all day with how awful of a director J.J. Abrams is, but I won’t. I’ll just finish it with this final thought. Isn’t Baskin Robbins always hiring

The Great Projects Dominic Has Done:

This is in no particular order.

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates: I can’t tell you how much I’d love to see him, and Patricia Routeledge reunite again. It’s a work of genius and Patricia is already an amazing actress. Now I want to watch Keeping Up Appearances. (My review:

I Sell The Dead: Holy crap, this movie is awesome! It’s so hilarious. I love McQuaid’s vision, I would’ve changed the ending a bit, but it was fantastic. (My review:

FlashForward: FlashForward makes Lost look like Spice World. I don’t want to give anything away, but the fact that it only lasted one season reflects exactly how mentally “Lost” our society truly is. Oops, there I go again… If our minds were challenged more in dramas like they were in Breaking Bad then our society would’ve been ready for Flash Forward when the season came out. (My review:

Lord of the Rings: This is obvious. Dominic got the role because of Hetty. I don’t need to tell you that the film is work of art because you already know it’s true. It’s a great film. The book of the Hobbit was better than the film and I don’t need to see it to know that. I also refuse to watch it because Evangeline Lily is in the films and not because she was in a relationship with Dominic, she has limits on her acting ability, but maybe could manage a McDonald’s then she could hire J.J. Abrams and she could say that she’s worked with J.J. Abrams again. Then the other employees would have no probably admitting they are embarrassed working with J.J. Abrams.

Pet the Movie: This is another well-written and directed film. The story is great and (even though I saw it as bit predictable), it’s still a great film. It can be classified as a sexy horror film. I thought Dominic’s character should’ve been “rewarded” for his troubles. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean. Also, read my Amazon review on it after you watch it: (My review:

The Millionaire Tour: Dominic produced this one. It was great. There is a lot I would change, but a good effort. Watch it and read my Amazon review on the film. Dominic played a con artist, for lack of a better curse word description. He was an over dramatized version of my ex-husband in the film, okay… He was great in it. Watch it! (My review:

Monsignor Renard: Wow, the Masterpiece Theatre series, Dominic Monaghan should have taken home a best supporting award for. This was after Hetty. Geoffrey (Hetty) and Etienne (Monsignor Renard) are like night and day. It’s about life in France around the time of Nazi Germany. There were parts in the PAL version of the series that were cut from the U.S. version. Other scenes that were left in would made more sense had the whole story been told. Here is clip, not a spoiler from the series where it’s a wonder why Dominic’s gotten only as far as he has in his career as he has today.

Honorable mentions: Soldiers of Fortune, the storyline was cluttered and all over the place. There were funny moments, but it appeared more of an “I needed the money” type of film. 100 Code, I tried to watch this show, but I was turned off by Dominic’s character getting sick in the beginning of the series causing him to appear weak. I’ve always been against that. It’s not needed. People using the restroom isn’t needed either, people do it, yes, but films and televisions aren’t meant to be real in every aspect. It’s meant to mirror a fantastic reality should NEVER be taken literally. Another film is The Day, produced by Dominic himself, it was good, but not good enough to be put on the list. Still, his heart was in the right place. Hostile Waters, his role was too small, he should’ve had a Sergei’s role and it was very slow moving. Rutger Hauer was better in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer film. I’m not kidding! Go check it out! Paul Reubens did great in it too. Other great films Dominic was in is, Spivs and Shooting Livien. I didn’t add them to the list because they weren’t groundbreaking roles for Dominic. He also did great in an episode of Chuck, but the series itself was lacking. It was funny but lacking. Atomica, (three words) It was crap. I would love to watch Bite Club though. The Purifiers, he always deserved the bigger roles. He made an excellent Sol, but his martial arts are better than that girl he spared in the film. Dominic, you’re a man so play one in every role. Stop acting like you’re someone’s bitch.

"Dominic, you’re a man so play one in every role. Stop acting like you’re someone’s bitch."

The Scene In FlashForward That Fully Explains Why Lost Doesn't Even Deserve To Be In The Same Century As FlashForward...(Sorry for the title name. It's NOT from

Monsignor Renard - This scene alone should've been enough to give him a supporting actor film award. (This one IS from my channel!)

Wild Things Seasons I, II, and III: The Horrible Mistake:

Every brilliant actor knows you should do your research before diving into any role. I can name three times when Dominic has forgotten to do this. Wild Things was one of them. Rule One: Know your surroundings. Rule Two: Location, Location, Location. And thanks to Steve Irwin: Be prepared for anything. Meaning that if you don’t think you’ll need something, pack it anyway. Animals in the wild aren’t going to willingly welcome you into their warren and introduce you to the wife and kids if they don’t know you’re planning on showing up. But, I don’t know. Dominic could’ve texted them.

Did he expect this?

Rita the Rabbit: Kids, look it’s Charlie from Lost. *children jumping up and down shouting, “hi, Charlie”* Come on in and have some carrot cake.

Do you know why you are laughing? Because you know it’s just as ridiculous as I do.

“It was a lizard love bite.”

It’s really no shocker that he got a restraining order with all the other brain dead moves he’s made and continues to make in his life.

Yep, I reviewed Wild Things, of course! (My review:


The reason why I dislike Lost so much:

First, read my review. You won’t miss anything. I dislike Game of Thrones too. It’s pathetic. Watch, Willow, instead…Hello! Lost jumped around too much. It was like watching a bunch of kids on trampolines, but there was more than one trampoline. Every time a kid fell off a trampoline they whined to their mother. Every episode left you saying, “what the…this doesn’t make any sense.” The story went around and around it went head first into a tree. Why kill off the best actor you had in the cast? Dominic Monaghan was the only one that actually had talent. Of course, that’s because it was directed by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. The plot was as pathetic as Matthew Fox’s acting. Why didn’t J.J. cast Dominic as Jack? He would’ve rocked that role. Dominic already played a rocker in Shooting Livien. He was great in it. All he did was play Livien in Lost. His role was too easy for him. Going from Hetty to Lost wasn’t the right choice, Dominic. I’m sorry. You could’ve done so much better. Lucas should’ve casted you alongside Christopher Lee in Star Wars Episode II: Clone Wars. He could’ve played Anakin, honestly. Hayden Christensen can’t hold a candle to Dominic when it comes to his acting ability. Dominic's range is above and beyond Hayden's any day.

It infuriates me how Dominic is so underestimated by his flawless talent from top Directors. Peter Jackson couldn’t have cast a better Merry. Elijah was an awesome Frodo. Dominic was born for the role of Merry.


"It infuriates me how Dominic is so underestimated by his flawless talent from top Directors."

Answer: You for one, are going to spend the next 12 years looking for a leading role, but only finding yourself tangled in another dung-scented project with a h


Maybe, you liked Lost. What did you like about it?
Did you see Molly Moon?
Star Wars: Episode IX
I am going to see it.
I refuse to see it.
The actors that were cast
What is Molly Moon?
I love the classic episodes. I will watch those again.
The genre
Yes, it was O.K.
I am not sure if I am going to see it or not.
This is something I used to make you think. I don't plan on seeing IX, but I'll watch classic Star Wars without any hesitation.

The Best Film Dominic Has Ever Done:

I was so proud of Dominic for doing this film. He was brilliant in it. I’ve never seen him perform in anything else like he did in Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism. This film is based on a book written by Georgia Byng. I wouldn’t change anything about this film. It was spot on perfect as was all the casting. The score was genius! Dominic’s character was amazing! I still haven’t done a review of this film yet. I plan on it though.

Molly Moon and Incredible Book of Hypnotism

This video is from my YouTube channel and I noticed it's gotten over 20,000 views. Awesome!

"Hey, everybody, take a look at me. I'm on fire. Brightest star you'll see."

And yes, Dominic, you are. You truly are!

Food For Thought:

If you want to be more film educated, watch all the greats, A Clockwork Orange, Gone With The Wind, Hitchcock, Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, Yentl, The Exorcist, The 10th Kingdom, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Pan’s Labyrinth, Blue Velvet, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars I – VI, Batteries Not Included, Karate Kid, Short Circuit, Back To The Future, and Now, Voyager just to name a few. Keep up to date with the older films. Then you can see exactly what’s wrong with SOME of these new films.

This is a classic photo. Come on, now!

Dominic should still be front and center.

Dominic is the middle blonde. The younger one next to Orlando. Like, you all don't know whom Orlando Bloom is!
Dominic is the middle blonde. The younger one next to Orlando. Like, you all don't know whom Orlando Bloom is!

In Conclusion...

Dominic Monaghan definitely deserves a lead role in a blockbuster film that can be seen all over the world, but made in America. He needs to be recognized for his talent and his love for acting. He needs to work with a director that respects him for whom he truly is. A director that has a lead role written for only him that demands his respect and challenges his acting beyond anything Dominic ever dreamed he could achieve. A director that is willing to take risk on Dominic, and make him a true star. So then he'll be remembered as an amazing, legendary actor that will make people look at Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise as if they are boring and has-beens compared to the brilliant Dominic Monaghan.

Yes, Dominic is a very caring person. He doesn't care about being rich. I just wants to be respected as an actor and to be very famous one day.

The End!

© 2018 Meredith McLarty


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