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Frost Bite, an indie film with alot of "zombie hearts"

Updated on May 7, 2014

Frost Bite


On set of Frost Bite

I have more pictures, I can add later.

But working on independent films, it is surely an experience that is truly wonderful. Unlike, big block buster films that a have a really big budget, independent films, people have to work with their "limited" budget and do their best.

As I had moved to Maine, I never thought I would be "among" the walking dead. You just don't know where life can lead you, and turning into a zombie for films, well it is quite interesting.

Now on set of indie films, you are kind of "sworn" to not to speak too much of the whole plot, and basically any film, but on indie's it is really magical.

Because when you work on independent films, there are "teams" of people, film makers that have teams and by that I mean, these companies have mostly the same people that work together on a bunch of films.

So with stating that, Killatainment Films, is slowly growing a very reputable reputation in Maine.

Beside "word of mouth" the reason I know that, I have worked on a few films with this company.

On the set of Frost Bite, hence the name "Frost Bite", I am not sure how anybody that worked on the set didn't freeze while filming, because I do know the night, I got to work on set, at nights, it was so cold, we were lucky to have a place to keep warm in between takes.

I know that a few nights, where I had no involvement, they had to brave the cold, without much of places to keep warm, and they were just brave souls.

Yes, Yes, I know, your thinking zombies, Maine, zombies Maine,what else is new? Well this film does have a little bit of a different story and it is pretty cool and I tend to think people are going to love the lead character, Ahura Z. Diliiza.

Forgive me for not saying too much, but take it from me, this film is going to have an awesome story line, zombies and all.

I know that each and every person that was involved in this film put a lot of work into it.

I think this film was a first time for some people to work in film and that is indeed something special.

People get very excited about their first time working on a film set, and it's exciting and a great ride, and yes it is very repetitive, and hard work, but people just will put a little bit of themselves into the film, no pun intended, since zombies kind of eat people anyway.

I have worked with Bill Mclean and Ahura, and a few other people before that have worked on set, but with new people that I met on the set of Frost Bite, they were just so very excited and literally "lit up".

You could see "light" in their eyes and how they talked about working on the set.

It is such a joy to hear when people are excited when working on a film set and it's their first time.

It is their first time and they, just can't believe they are actually working on a film set.

Imagine, even one time to work on a film set, where you have no experience and your sitting there, your first time your in zombie make-up, you feel like a little kid. Yes people, I had seen that in the adults on this set.

It is wonderful that they can have this experience, even if it is just one time.

I know I will be working with this team again, because I know they are truly gifted, talented and wonderful people.

I like people who have a lot of heart and on a set that is zombie film, believe it or not, the film Frost Bite, each and every person had a lot of heart doing what they could to bring this scary film to life.

As of right now they are still filming and the reason why they are filming is because with indie films they don't have big budgets and have to work with what they have.

I do hope that somehow, magically there would be more money that would appear for the company so they can finish the film

Even after the film it is going to take the team time to edit and get the film together and find a venue to premiere it.

Indie films are a lot of hard work and yes on the set of Frost Bite, just working in a little bit, I can testify that there were a of zombie hearts and each and everyone worked themselves to the bone.

I wish much success to everyone that was involved in the film


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