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Frothism by Dr. Steward HK

Updated on May 25, 2017

What is Frothism?

Frothism was born in Matagorda, Texas. It is a futuristic art form. It talks about Bible prophecies and future events that will happen.

Frothism is about defensive energy and defensive survival tactics. Our fighting style is not to attack. We only defend. However, if we are provoked or attacked, we will then pursue and be the aggressor. We will not relent until the attacker is subdued, preferably unconscious. We have never killed anyone. We plan to never have to kill anyone.

It's so sad that humanity is going to self destruct. I mean, think about it. Here I am giving Humans all of these Codes about what will take place in the future. Bible Codes, to be exact.

Here's one of the Bible Codes.

The terrorists are going to be crushed like weak little fleas. They don't stand a chance. Here's another one. After that happens, and the Terrorists are eliminated from the equation, the Victors Over Terrorism will then mistakenly jump into Israel and occupy it.

That's a bad move. To make the situation even worse, the Victors Over Terrorism will then set up a capital in Israel, somewhere around Jerusalem. Israel will be like a military zone. I'll give you some more Codes as time goes on. I don't want to spoil the game!

The World War 3 begins as the Victors Over Terrorism vs. Terrorism.

We're already in World War 3. Let me break it down. The Victors Over Terrorism is the one eye. Terrorism is the one eye. So, whether you believe me or not, both sides are being funded by the one eye. It's what's called the Hegelian dialectic. They use chaos to create their one world order. So, where does that put us ZionAncientz? We are the 144,000. We are God's children. We aren't a part of the one eye.

Package in the Mail

Princess Nubiposh receives a package in the mail from ZionAncientz. The year is 2045. She goes to the Post Office and picks it up. She has to wait in line. Oh man. This line is taking forever. You think to maybe wait until tomorrow to pick up your package. Oh well. You've already been in line for 10 minutes. Might as well stay in it.

You've been told that the package will make you feel much better than you do right now. You agree to check out the package.

Severe Depression

Princess Nubiposh has been struggling with severe depression. She sleeps a lot of the time. She doesn't get out of bed when she's supposed to. She needs to start reading her Bible on a daily basis. The Bible verses will bring peace and joy to her heart.

An Audience Review

Has been reviewed
Over 10
Still reviewing
Over 100
Still reviewing
Over 1,000
Still reviewing
Over 10,000
Still reviewing
Over 1,000
Audience Reviews are cool.

Hello, reader!

It's been a nice amount of success over these past 5 years, hasn't it? Thank you goes out to my dozens of fans who continue to support me. You women and men continue to show me love and push forward Frothism. I appreciate that. Like I told y'all before, I'll never go pop. I know I've got hundreds of thousands of views, but I'll not go pop. My stuff is too out there to go pop. I'm keeping it that way.

They are gorgeous!

The Resolamb Hall of Famers are so gorgeous.

Black Ice Turf is used on the Human Space Boat. But first, someone needs to use a Sword to cut the cord that is tied to the Infinity Tower and the Human Space Boat. Who will do it? Princess Nubiposh cuts the cord that is tied to the Tower and the Human Space Boat.

The number of Alien abductions will increase. The number of demonic possessions will increase. The number of terroristic acts will increase. This is World War 3. Sadly, the world goes downhill from here on out.

Rights? Out the window

More and more of your rights will keep getting taken away. You know in your heart it makes sense.

Dr. Gurmanaffe states that Princess Nubiposh is chosen to captain the Boat.

Princess Nubiposh hops in the Boat. She slowly descends through Space so that she can get the hang of her new vehicle. She sees an Alien with sunglasses. In Outer Space. It's Space swimming towards the Boat.

"That alien has a Space Gun pointed at me!"


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    • movielardatadare profile image

      movielardatadare 10 months ago from Texas

      Arts and Crafts day is fun. I like rocky road cones.

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 10 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Oh how nice. I see it was Arts & Crafts Day at the Facility today. The creative writing instructor must have been there. You'll get a blue ribbon and a double scoop cone for this piece of art!

    • movielardatadare profile image

      movielardatadare 10 months ago from Texas

      Thank you for reading my article.

    • FatFreddysCat profile image

      Keith Abt 10 months ago from The Garden State