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Frozen Fever Continues to Melt Hearts in Spring 2015

Updated on April 29, 2015

The best animated feature film is still treasured in hearts of people after more than a year has passed since its release. The mimicry of real actors’ facial expressions adds awesomeness to the animated scenes.The journey from Elsa's epic door slam to Anna's frozen heart melted hearts growing it four times with the affectionate end.

Frozen Fever made us all live in Arendelle once again for 5 minutes as the announced sequel is still to keep us all awaiting.

Do you Want to build an Olaf

So, It all begun with building a snowman when Elsa unwillingly strikes Anna's heart with her powers she is unaware of. One more Strike would have been fatal and so do the sisters live seperately until the coronation day.

Let it Go!

Let it Go! Elsa sings as her soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around.

Elsa's Beautiful Ice Castle

Here I am, the ruler of my Queendom, Elsa sings along and amazes us with the exquisite ice palace built using her powers.

Engaged to a Stranger Story!

Sledding down the slopes in Frozen snow, Anna tells her story of getting engaged to a stranger she just met at the coronation day. And that's just not agreeable for Kristoff as it is for neither of us, Really!

Introducing Olaf to Anna & Christoff

Olaf introducing himself to Anna and Kristoff was funny enough as his accent amazed most of us. Why not talk about the amusing "ya why?" dialogue uttered several times by Olaff in the scene? It was certainly one of the laughter moments in Frozen.

Olaf Enjoying Summer

Ollaf's jokes brought great guffaw from the audience as he uttered whatever came into his mind. Well, dream is a dream, you never know when it may come true. There are no consequences to dreaming and so was Olaf's dream to live a summer.

Kristoff Rushes Anna to Palace

Kristoff in action rushing Anna to her palace for true love's warmth and affection to thaw her freezing heart.

Anna Freezes into a Statue

Here, we're sure Elsa did not want this to happen to Anna. Worried for what she has done mistakenly, Elsa shows all affection for Anna hugging her.

True Love Thaws a Frozen Heart

And so does Anna's true love, Elsa thaws her frozen heart finally as they hug each other tight.

The Perfect End!

The twirl is the final Yaaaayyy moment and yes it still remains.

Share your favorite part from Frozen here:

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    • YuZee profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Islamabad

      Oh so you loved the frozen fractals building up Elsa's castle. That part really is the life of Frozen movie.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      my favourite part was when she builds her ice castle, those stairs and the chandelier. it was so beautiful and the song is mesmerizing :D


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