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Frozen Vs Tangled

Updated on May 25, 2017

Disney's Tangled and Frozen

There's just this charm to Disney, whether you're a kid or an adult, that makes you come back again and again. Two of their biggest 3D pictures, Tangled and Frozen, feature quirky but upbeat girls trying to find their place in the world. And boyfriends. Need dem boyfriends. So, let's examine the pros and cons of each film and decide the superior film!

Spoilers ahead for both movies.

Elsa from Frozen
Elsa from Frozen

Frozen Analysis

Frozen stars two princesses, Anna and Elsa. Quirky but friendly Anna tries to get her sister Elsa to open up to her; the two love each other but rarely spend time together. Unknown to Anna, this is because of Elsa's uncontrolled ice powers. Elsa fears to get close to anyone, lest she accidentally harm them. Anna feels even lonelier when her parents perish from a storm at sea.

However, she soon meets the gallant Prince Hans at a party for Elsa's coronation to be queen, and the two quickly become engaged. Hearing this, Elsa becomes upset, loses control of her powers, and flees the kingdom, her secret now exposed. Anna sets out to find her sister and must discover what true love is along the way.

Main leads-
Anna and Elsa are both solid characters. Most audiences can relate to dorky Anna or calm Elsa. The two love each other, but struggle to communicate, just like real families. Kristoff isn't perfect or rich like many Disney princes. However, he's kind, has a silly side, and begins an amusing argument with Anna about how ridiculous it is to become engaged to someone you just met.

Supporting Cast-
Unlike almost any Disney film, watching this for the first time, you probably won't know who the villain is. Hans's surprise reveal adds a lot of depth to the character. Olaf and Sven (Kristoff's reindeer companion) provide some amusing moments. Then there are some forgettable troll characters, and that's about it.

This isn't Citizen Kane, but it's not bad. Two sisters learn about what real love and acceptance are through a chilling adventure. Nothing too elaborate, but there are a few nice twists within. After all, the real talent stems not from the plot, but the characters involved.

Alright, yea, I like Let It Go. That said, even I got tired of hearing it so much in 2014. Love Is An Open Door becomes pretty interesting when you learn the true motivations guiding Hans. The other selections work well enough, though, like most viewers, I find Fixer Upper one of the lamest Disney songs in recent history. All in all, a couple let downs, but there's plenty to enjoy here.

Frozen's not the best animated film ever, and some of us hated on it just because of how much darn hype it got. I also got a bit tired of the winter landscapes throughout the entire movie, though they are beautifully rendered. Still, at the end of the day, it's a good film. If you walk into this flick expecting a fun and dramatic adventure with some amusing characters, I bet you'll be satisfied.

As cool as Frozen is, can it defeat its predecessor, Tangled?

Rapunzel and Pascal
Rapunzel and Pascal

Tangled Analysis

Tangled features Rapunzel, a girl born with magical hair that can restore youth. A selfish woman, Mother Gothel, kidnaps Rapunzel when she's just an infant, and locks her away in a tower. Gothel tells the now teenage Rapunzel it's for her safety; it's really just to keep her life-restoring hair safe. Feeling unsatisfied and lonely, Rapunzel hires a thief, Flynn Rider, to escort her out of the tower.

The pair experience several adventures and ultimately fall in love. Hey, this IS Disney; at least they hold off on marriage. Regardless, the duo face dangers such as the law, which is after Flynn for his recent crimes, and Gothel, who is infuriated by Rapunzel's disobedience.

Main leads-
Rapunzel proves a strong lead. She is optimistic and friendly, but naive and lonely. When she first leaves the tower, you can really see her experience both the joy of her new freedom and the self-loathing for her defiance against Gothel's instructions. She's not afraid to fight when necessary, and doesn't leave all the action to the men.

Flynn's pretty good too. He's the thief with a heart of gold, and we certainly get to see both his faults and strengths. His humor and hidden depths make him more than just the greedy thief he displays.

Supporting cast-
I love Gothel as the villain. She is selfish and cruel, but clever and witty. Her villain song,Mother Knows Best is one of my favorites in any Disney film. I also like how Gothel is a real person, not just a stereotypical bad guy. Yes, she's vile, and yes, we know she cares about the magic hair more than Rapunzel, but she's capable of kindness. When Rapunzel asks for a special paint for her birthday, Gothel agrees to obtain it despite the lengthy journey required.

Other supporting cast include Pascal, Rapunzel's pet chameleon, and an amusing horse called Maximus that tries to arrest Flynn for his crimes.

While this tale is fairly simple, I like it. Mother-daughter relationships are rarely explored, so it's nice to see Disney tackle one (they also do this in Brave.) Additionally, Rapunzel's real parents play a role in the movie, but neither ever dies. Since I think we're all still getting over Mufasa, it's good to see parents take their place in the happy ending.

I definitely enjoy the songs in this film. As previously mentioned, Mother Knows Best and I See The Light are great. Be prepared for some girly pop music, but for girly pop music, you could do worse.

Tangled offers a simple and upbeat adventure with enough depth to raise some thought provoking questions. Did Gothel care at all about Rapunzel, or was it just her hair? Do Disney movies work better with animals who show, rather than speak, their feelings? Does Rapunzel's hair look better blond or brunette?

I highly recommend Tangled to any viewer seeking an exciting Disney experience.

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Overall Winner: Tangled

Let's break this down piece by piece.

Main leads - Frozen
Anna, Elsa, and Rapunzel are all interesting. Kristoff trumps Flynn, giving Frozen the edge.

Supporting cast - Tangled
Close, but I like Gothel a bit more than Hans, and I find Maximus more entertaining than Olaf. Tangled claims this category.

Story - Tangled
Tough call, but the beauty and simplicity of Tangled earn it the point. Also, the story allows for more varied settings than Frozen.

Music - Tangled
I'll understand if you prefer Frozen's soundtrack; there are some gems there. But for me, I find myself favoring Tangled's music with its diverse track.

Overall - Tangled
I enjoy both, but always have to pick Tangled. Whichever you prefer, Disney's still going strong, and will undoubtedly produce more exciting movies to dissect for ages to come.


Sorry, Frozen fans, but you'll have to let it go.

Tangled bonus: Check out Rapunzel's wedding in this 6 minute video that isn't shown in the film! Maximus and Pascal almost lose the wedding rings, and hijinks ensue.


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