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Frozen in Time, or Melting in Sorrow; Chloe & Theo

Updated on May 17, 2017



If I had to describe this 2015 movie in one word it would be, depth. Chloe & Theo is a highly entertaining family movie that has layers upon layers of content. If you are a parent who aspires to raise socially conscience children, or an educational institution who does, you must preview Chloe & Theo. Chloe & Theo brings family entertainment to a higher level. So, when you are choosing a movie for spending family quality time, you cannot and will not go wrong with Chloe & Theo.

Executive producer, Sir Richard Branson chose well with writer, director Ezna Sands. The dialogue is simple and easy to follow, the storyline is entertaining and the social issues the movie spotlights are issues that should be discussed and issues your children will contemplate throughout their childhood. Chloe & Theo is so tastefully and profoundly done, the movie doesn't clobber you over the head with the doom and gloom of our earth's future.

Climate change is the main focus of Chloe & Theo, however there are so many other socially prevelant issues such as runaways, homelessness, cultural tolerance, business vs. ecology that you may even want to watch it again, and again. You wont be bored, your children wont be bored, and there are no scenes that need to be monitored for inappropriate language or behaviorisms, making Chloe & Theo a must see movie for all ages, and I do mean, must see!

Would you like to discuss cultural differences with your children? Theo, an eskimo from the arctic has lived a way of life vastly different than Chloe, a runaway on the streets of New York. Two survivors of different climates. And, that is the main focal point of this move, what is happening to our earth. Theo and his village of eskimos are watching the disintegration of the arctic and are so concerned that Theo is elected to go tell modernized society. So, Theo sets off to find the elders of the modernized world and runs into, Chloe, the street smart runaway who has a survival kit and village of her own. Together this unlikely pair set off to find the elders of modernization, and believe it or not, they do!

This is a great movie for any middle school in any country to watch on Earth Day! The relevant issues of cultural tolerance, ecology, runaways, urban violence, bullying and other social issues can be highlighted to discuss, or just folded into the movie, which is what I think Sands has brilliantly done.

Dakota Johnson who portrays Chloe is so beautiful and vibrant that I am certain she will be a leading known actess one day and Theo Ikummaq who portrays, Theo brings out the best in Chloe, the best in the eskimo cultural and does it in such an endearing way that I am certain climate change will be on the tip of your tongue at the water cooler come Monday morning. Arctic films and Sir Richard Branson have set out on a journey to enlighten and entertain us, Chloe & Theo does just that. Don't let their journey end, pass the message along!


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