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Full Metal Jousting (FMJ) - My review and opinion on History Channels New T.V show

Updated on August 7, 2013

Full Metal Jousting Premiere

On February 12, 2012 History channel released a show that I think will make it big. Not huge, but big. The show is great as it targets multiple viewers. If you like:

  • Reality shows
  • Sports
  • Medieval concepts
  • Extreme sports fan
  • Good ole' television shows where people get thrusted by a javelin in armor.

For medieval geeks like myself, that have been wanting something like this for a long time. You will not be disappointed.

First episode of full metal jousting
First episode of full metal jousting | Source

FMJ Details

The show consists of 16 participants. The teams are black and red. Where the participants are chosen from the coaches of each team until all 16 people are on a team. They are then brought inside and shown to their living area, the horses and the armor and javelins. Soon after the training begins and this is where it gets exciting.

History Channel ability to bring an old dangerous sport to the 21st century but with a twist: Traditional armor is replaced by modern suits of steel, while action is captured by high-speed cameras. The participants then collide at around 30miles and of course try to knock the other person off by hitting the targeted shoulder plate zone. If your wondering the horses are also armored for their safety as well.

One of the things I can tell I already like about this show is the first episode already had a jousting match and one individual lost. Nothing worse than sports shows or new shows taking forever to get to the main match or the reason we are watching and History Channel states on their website that each episode will consist of a match. The bad part of the show to me is the reward at the end for the winner. Yes 100 grand is great, and I’d sure love to have that. However in today's shows and sports 100k seems low to win.

FMJ Scoring Points

During the jousts the points are awarded as follows:

  • 1 point for striking the opponent with the lance
  • 5 points for a strike that causes the lance to break
  • 10 points for unhorsing the opponent

So will this show be the next biggest extreme sport, or perhaps grow like the ultimate fighter did? Not even close. However you can expect that we will be seeing more of this show to come. For more information you can go to History Channel or just watch it on Sunday at 10pm Central. Enjoy!

History Channel - Full Metal Jousting Trailer

Full Metal Jousting Season 1 Is Over

Full Metal Jousting: The Championship Joust

So the first season has come to an end with a decent 10 episodes in total. I liked the tournament at the end which led to nicely performed champion match. The winner of the championship final match will receive a $100,000 prize and be deemed Full Metal Jacket Champion. FMJ also allowed both teams to vote for two people would get the opportunity to joust again to face off in a $25,000 joust.

Over all good show and a good final episode. All we can do know is sit back and watch clips of all the smashing, broken lances, and injuries and wait to hear information on Season 2.

Full Metal Jousting Season 2?

Update! As of Aug 6th 2013 Fans have begun a petition for another season of FMJ. As of this date, no news on when another season will be made. However there is also no news that there is not going to be another season as well.


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