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Fun Facts About the UN Copenhagen Climate Conference Summit

Updated on December 7, 2009

Fun Facts About the UN Copenhagen Climate Conference Summit

  • Diplomats from over 191 nations will convene in Copenhagen Denmark.
  • A total of approximately 15,000 to 20,000 people are expected to attend the opening ceremonies. Hotels have been encouraged to offer "environmentally friendly hotel rooms" and attendees have been asked to drink tap water instead of bottled water.
  • A study by Canadian scientist Martin Hocking shows that making a paper cup uses as much or more petroleum or natural gas as a polystyrene, or "Styrofoam", cup. The paper cup requires .55 megajoules to manufacture and the polystyrene cup requires .20 megajoules.
  • The UN Copenhagen Climate Conference Summit will last 2 weeks, from December 7, 2009 through December 20, 2009.
  • United States President Barack Hussein Obama plans to attend near the end of the conference, which is thought by some to be an indication that an agreement will be struch by then.
  • Rajendra Pachauri, the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, asserts that "the evidence is now overwhelming" and that the world needs to act now.
  • The U.N. Environment Program released a study on December 6, 2009 indicating that although industrialized countries have pledged to reduce emissions, the pledges fall short of the goal to keep average temperatures from rising more than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Conference President Connie Hedegaard favors raising money from public and private sources, then channeling that money to poor countries.
  • Wikipedia describes Connie Hedegaard as "a Danish politician and public intellectual" and asserts that she has an MA in Literature and History.
  • US President Barack Hussein Obama has proposed that US emissions in 2050 will be 83% below 2005 levels. According to George Will's December 2009 column in the New York Post, those levels will be roughly equal to US emissions in 1875.
  • Jairam Ramesh, India's environment minister, offered last week that India should reduce its carbon emissions by 20 to 25 percent by 2020 as compared to 2005 levels.
  • Tesla Motors will host test-drives of their all-electric vehicles at the the UN Copenhagen Climate Conference Summit.
  • According to Fox News, The United Nations calculates the conference will create approximately 40,584 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, roughly the same amount as the carbon emissions of Morocco in 2006.
  • Airliners taking off from Denmark during the conference will use the "green departure" strategy, which allows then to fly directly to their most efficient cruising altitude.


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    • Chef Jeff profile image

      Chef Jeff 8 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

      One interesting idea put forward by some people who study climate in general was that we were due for another ice age, but that somehow we have postponed that by carbon emissions. This is just an idea, which is still being researched.

      As for the world cooling, the "facts" are not as conclusive as some would say. Evidence is there, but facts, being absolute truths in science, are not favoring one position over the other. As more research goes on, we will start to determine just what is going on, and by then we'll all be dead, either cooked to death, or frozen in a glacier, or just dead of natural causes.

      But seriously, no one can state with absolute certainty that their side of this debate has either (a) won or (b) has all the facts needed to "prove" they are correct. The preponderence of data seems currently to side with those who are calling for a warming of the Earth, but there is enough data which remains unknown or unused that is contradictory to that idea that I believe the scientists involved must work together, not against each other, and present all sides, all issues and all data on the subject.

      The people meeting in Copenhagen are really not going to do much of anything but create a lot of hot air on their own. This is like the guard shouting "Stop! Or I'll yell stop again!" as the bank thief makes off with the cash. They are focused on the idea that there is still time to reverse global climate change,while I doubt that there is. Better to prepare than to argue, I say.

      The truth is out there. If I only knew where!


      Chef Jeff

    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 8 years ago from Michigan

      Nicomp - it's such a joke that this group of concerned self-imporant "intellectuals" feel a need to "reduce emissions" due to the "fact" that we need to stop this global warming that's going on. FACT is - ACTUAL fact is - THE EARTH HAS BEEN COOLING FOR YEARS NOW! That's why those wonderful scientists had to fudge the temperature drop in their figures because they couldn't explain WHY - in a world where global warming was supposed to be happening! What a JOKE they all are - and our President is the biggest clown if he even attends and lends credibility to what has now become a farce!

    • G Miah profile image

      Gous Ahmed 8 years ago from Muslim Nation

      Some very interesting notes made, but my view is it's too late to do much for climate change. The governments are having us on, because all they're interested in is money and power.

    • Right Black profile image

      Right Black 8 years ago from Huntington Beach, California

      I think we can reach all the goals our environmental sages want us to reach if we could just get them to stop traveling.

      I don't advocate genocide as population control either.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 8 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @Nemingha: Thank you!

    • Nemingha profile image

      Nemingha 8 years ago

      Well researched and nicely presented.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 8 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @greatAmerican: Please read The Population Bomb by Paul Erlich. He wrote it in 1968... we were all supposed to be dead by 1980 due to overpopulation.

      Regarding China: personally, I don't favor genocide as a population control.

    • greatAmerican profile image

      greatAmerican 8 years ago

      Nicomp, all that may sound good but looking ahead to 2050,

      40 years, the population of this earth will more than double and I can't see how we can allow this population exposion and think our need for emmision generating industry and every day use will be reduced. China is the only one country I know of that seems to have addressed the problem of excessive population.