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Funny, Cheesy, Cute Pick Up Lines for Guys

Updated on September 10, 2015
Funny Pick Up Lines for Boys to Use on Girls
Funny Pick Up Lines for Boys to Use on Girls

Funny Pick Up Lines for Boys to Use on Girls

Never tell a beautiful girl that she is beautiful as a pick up line. She already knows that. She hears it all the time, every day. But after you pick her up, tell her all the time, everyday.

90 Funny pick up lines

  1. Thank you for your care & for always being there, when I’m feeling wild.
  2. I take notice of that you're a Shining Star. Nice to meet you, my name is Dark Knight.
  3. You were so gorgeous until you smile at me teeth with cavities.
  4. The summation of all my love is infinite.
  5. Do you code?
  6. World's most evil boyfriend medal is given to you.
  7. Excuse me you dropped something...your guard.
  8. No need to say sorry, I think your wisdom teeth are hurting you.
  9. A cute smile never let me go.
  10. You are physically powerful like Hercules, your face look like Romeo, but your common sense just like a Kim Jong-Un.
  11. Don’t worry common sense is common in all common guys.
  12. Are you a magician? Because when you come around me, I start forgetting things.
  13. Let me kiss you, before you die.
  14. If I was a text message would you save me in drafts or deleted me like other texts?
  15. Everything I speak is a stupid pick-up line for you.
  16. Hi gorgeous, I am back.
  17. Why you just looked at me like I am crazy?
  18. I don't know what you are, but I know what you aren't.
  19. Well, this is something new for me. Dealing with a potato head!
  20. My exchange student has so much money I wonder if she can buy me a boyfriend, do they make those in China too.
  21. Excuse me are you Katrina or Sandy? Because I am unable to erase you from my mind!
  22. You look like a soft tennis ball and I want to kick you out.
  23. What can I do with a ridiculously slow boyfriend?
  24. Before I got for a date with you, I need to know your pocket status better!
  25. Do you have a brain? If yes, how often do you use it?
  26. They say when you are unable to nap it's because you're up in someone else's dream. So please stop dreaming about me because I'd like to sleep.
  27. If you were in the museum, you'd be what they call a masterpiece.
  28. Kindly teach me how to click on "End Call" on my iPhone after saying you goodbye?
  29. I think I have decided what I want to be when I grow up... your life partner.
  30. One day I think you'll be one of those cats almost everybody wants to play with.
  31. I haven't been feeling too romantic, so any suggestions?
  32. If you are from Mars, maybe your home planet is lining up right now.
  33. If I sit on your face would you eat your way to my heart?
  34. You can either get in the trunk or the body bag, the choice is yours.
  35. Excuse me, miss, are you here alone, or is the huge guy coming this way your brother?
  36. I'm terrible with names, faces, and recognition, are you my new girlfriend?
  37. All I want is a girl I can actually have an intelligent conversation with.
  38. If you don't like what I say then block me.
  39. I want to do this famous Harlem shake video! Are you with me?
  40. If you were an iPhone, I could not stop my fingers to run on your touchpad.
  41. I've never had a guy use a cheesy pick up line on me.
  42. I just have to accept that pop punk is just a part of my being.
  43. I respect you if you show me your bank balance.
  44. Where can I find a good guy? I can't deal with a joker!
  45. Give some compliments about my new hairstyle or die an awful death.
  46. Darling I'm so sweet, I promise, I will give you cavities.
  47. If you cared you would have shown me you cared!
  48. Are you here for making friends?
  49. I absolutely love when things go wrong, then you absolutely destroy your homework like a boss.
  50. I like your face; I'd draw your face in my cartoon book.
  51. I love you my dearest portable.
  52. Your voice is often a very over and misused element in your mouth. This is especially true in funny commercials.
  53. If you are going to make a Facebook status about me you can just tag me in it.
  54. Today my mood is wild.
  55. I do not know how long my age, but I'm sure my love for you is forever.
  56. Love me, but don’t dare to eat me.
  57. I'd love to jump off a bridge right about now.
  58. So I was reading the cell phone directory the other day and I just noticed I didn't have yours!
  59. Why would you want to cut your wrist for me to stop looking at you?
  60. That's unfortunate, if you say, I love you.
  61. Your way of talking is so cute, now I want your number for late night talks.
  62. Love me but don't trust me.
  63. When we're together, it feels just wrong!
  64. When I say crazy I mean awesome in epic proportions.
  65. There are more than 3 billions girls on this planet and I'm still sitting in front of you.
  66. Did you notice my big feet?
  67. I just want to sit down all day with my boyfriend but I don't have one.
  68. Hope I am going to be able to fall in love again.
  69. You are the true love which I found but you are very slow for me to suspect.
  70. I miss the warmth of love for so long I never felt.
  71. Now I know why they called "slapheads" because you seriously just want to keep slapping that head!
  72. It’s a trademark type of me.
  73. This day is very tiring and annoying can I get a warm hug from you.
  74. Did you ever love or loved? If yes, how is it like to be loved?
  75. I thought I knew love before but obviously not.
  76. Like a shot your eyes hit me to the heart.
  77. Do you have a mobile phone … to save my number there?
  78. If I had a dream it would be about dating you.
  79. Let’s both get a punishment.
  80. I don't mind copying the cat, because I can kiss a cute rat.
  81. You never know about me since you never eyes on me.
  82. You can hire me like a guard over your heart.
  83. What are you waiting for I am still single.
  84. If you are a honey, I'm going to test your purity.
  85. I am perfect for you, you got it right?
  86. If you kiss me there, I'm going to tell you to stop but I don't mean it.
  87. Please don’t get upset on small matters, I know you have a tiny brain in your big head.
  88. I shouldn't leave you unattended.
  89. I hate it when guys don’t reply to my smile with a smile.
  90. I am not responsible if you fall in love with me.

Now share your own self created pick up lines below.

What type of pick up lines you like?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      My heart is always a skip when I receive a message from you

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Being happy is not the time to be live side by side, being happy is to live by seizing every moment together.

    • profile image

      Jason Horton 

      5 years ago

      My favorite top 3 sweet pick up lines for girls are:

      1- Can I red your lips?

      2- Let me smell your smile.

      3- May I borrow a dream about you, tonight?


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