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Fun games for family get together at home

Updated on August 13, 2015

Everyone loves to play games. There are many group games which can be played on a gathering at home. These games do not need much space or extra effort but brings lots of fun.

Dumb Charades

This is probably the most common group game. In this game two teams are formed. One team tells a member of other team a movie name secretly and the person needs to enact the same without saying any word or uttering any sound. His team needs to guess the movie name with his actions in a predefined time limit.

The team can ask some standard questions which player can answer with his actions like if the movie is in English or if the movie is new or old. Similarly, the player enacting can also break the word and can act some famous style of the actor or actress in that movie.

Paper Chits Game (King,queen,police,thief)

It is a popular Indian game. In this game, four paper chits are prepared namely king (1000 points), queen (800 points), police (500 points) and thief (0 points) .These chits are then folded, mixed and thrown in middle. Each person picks one chit each and keeps it secret from others. The player who has got the police chit needs to identify the player with thief chit. If he could not guess right his points will be transferred to thief otherwise every player will earn the same points as written on their respective chits.

These points are noted separately on a paper. The one who accumulates the highest points at the end wins the game. Also, more characters can be added to add more players in this game, for example, soldier (300 points), farmer (100 points) etc.


This game can be played anywhere even with two persons also. In this game two teams are formed. One team will start with any song .The letter with which that song ends, the other team has to sing any song which start with same letter and similarly next team will do the same. Everyone has to assure that the songs are not repeated. This is a good game to pass you time in a musical way.


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