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What to do when bored

Updated on October 30, 2013

Here's the list-

Things to do on Internet
Google search
One of the most common & popular Search Engine, Google for me is the best entertainer & teacher in the world. It tells you all about the latest trends, works, highlights, which people are searching all around the world. You can search anything which you have heard about lately & were anxious to know a little more. Or you could just listen songs, watch movies by searching the best ones on Google. Google indeed like a vein wich transfers blood into our dead bodies.
E mail
Email is the basic feature of all business activities & even for getting connected to others quickly. Not only its fast & convenient, but it also saves a lot of paper, so its Pollution free too.
Online banking
Internet banking has made our life easier. We can do most of our bank transactions online and there is no need to personally go to the bank.
Other online services
We can do a lot of transactions using Online Banking Services like payment of Bills in just a click, gaining knowledge & lot of other activities which will save a lot of time & money too.
Online Chatting
One of the most common work to do when we are getting bored. Not only It is very preferred but also free of cost & entertaining. You can chat with your mates, family members, colleagues, business partners etc. There are n no. of sites which give to this facility, One of the most common site in this regards is Facebook, Twitter etc. Other than that you can also do lot of fun like video chatting etc.
Today many Internet users are into blogging. It is a kind of expressing their views to others. They mainly blog for fun and use it as a personal diary.This has made my life & covers almost half of my monthly expenses. But its not necessary that you blog only for money. Many people blog just to express their ideas & share their knowledge with the world.
Things to do on Internet
Online Shopping
Online shopping is becoming more and more popular these days. Today many Internet users prefer online shopping. They buy goods online from sites like Ebay and Amazon.
Job hunting
Millions of people are using Job sites such as Indeed, Monster to find their dream jobs.
Making money online
Internet is also useful for making money. See, we dont have to invest money to make money on Internet-This is the biggest advantage of Internet home business. You will have to use your brain and spend your time to make money online.Making money with the comfort of sitting at home and working at the time convenient to you is really fantastic, isnt it?
Finding new friends
You can find new friends worldwide using popular social sites such as FaceBook, Orkut, Twitter and My Space.
Online games
Many Internet users play online games. It is a big entertainment for them. Some even play online casino games to make money.
Downloading music and videos
Many Internet users are downloading music, movies and videos, YouTube videos online free of cost.

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