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Fun unknown facts

Updated on July 15, 2011

Little known facts

Our world is such a magical place, and there are so many amazing, funny, weird and mostly unknown facts about it! I love learning new things every day so I thought I should share with you some info that I’ve collected over time.


A few interesting unknown facts about our world

Not really unknown, because otherwise I wouldn't know it either, but little known facts about our amazing world:

1. Ants never sleep. However, in the morning, the ants stretch like people, to refresh.

2. About 90% of the entire planet's population lives in the northern hemisphere.

3. Magpies and chimpanzees are the only animals who can recognize their own image in a mirror.

4.Hoover Dam in the U.S. was designed to last for at least 2,000 years. The concrete used in its construction is still curing, and it’s estimated it will be completely dry after a few hundred years.

5.Despite appearances, two thirds of the entire African continent is in the northern hemisphere.

6.If you keep a goldfish in a room without light, it will become, eventually, white.

7.Ireland is the only European country where there are no snakes. New Zeeland and Hawaii are other places in the world where there are no native snakes.

8.In the province of Alberta in Canada, absolutely all mice were killed.Currently, it is the only area in the world, where there are no such rodents.

9.Eye of an ostrich is bigger than its brain.

10.For every person on Earth there are about 200 million insects.Only termites outweigh us with a ratio of 10 to 1.

11.Blue whale is the animal that produces the loudest sound (up to 188 decibels).Such a sound can be perceived through the water at a distance of 850 kilometers.

12.Have you thought about how much gasoline you would need to drive round the planet?Well, the fuel found in a full tank of a Boeing would be enough for doing this four times.

13.You know who are the biggest consumers of Coca-Cola in the world? If you answered Icelanders, you answered right.

14.You know what’s the appetite of a South American ant? Well, it can ingest up to 30,000 ants a day.

15.The youngest parents in history (two children aged 8 and 9) lived in China. Their child was born in 1910.

16.It is estimated that worldwide there are about one billion cattles. 200 million of them live only in India, where they are considered sacred animals.

17.On the surface of a human body there are more micro-organisms than the world human population.

18. Owls are the only birds that can distinguish blue.

19..Mammals are the only living species who have ear lobes.

20.Calling code for Antarctica is 672.

21.The length of an elephant equals approximately the length of a blue whale’s tongue. Also, the tongue of a whale is heavier than an adult elephant.

22.The tongue of the crocodile is immobile.It is attached to its mouth.

23. A human forgets on average about 80% of everything learned in a day.

24.The largest pork lovers are Danes.In Denmark there are twice as many pigs than the entire human population of this country.

25.One of five people on Earth live on less than $ 1 per day.

26.Thinking of playing the lottery? Then you should know that there is more likely to die on your way to the lottery agency, than to win the grand prize.

27.An average person has 1460 dreams a year.

28.The most common male name on the planet is Mohammed.

29.Only one person in two billion will reach the age of 116 years.

30.Each year, more people are killed by donkeys, than in air crashes.

31.In a study on relationships, 80% of married men said they would marry the same woman if they could turn back time. Only 50% of women said the same thing.

Amazing unknown facts about longevity

We're all trying to live a healthy life, hoping we'll get as much of it, as possible. It's written in our genes, it's an instict: self-preserving. Let's see some little known facts, truly amazing, about long life spans.

"And all the days that Adam lived were nine hundred and thirty years: and he died." (Genesis 5:5)

We don't know for a scientifically proven fact, if there is the possibility of living 900 years, but we can try to live healthy and happily.

  • The world record for longevity is held by a french lady, Jeanne Louise Calment, who has lived 122 years and 164 days. She wasn't doing anything special to keep herself in shape, only a minimum amount of physical activities, like riding the bicycle or walking. She claimed her secret to a long life is olive oil, which she was using on all of her food and also on her skin.

    She had "unhealthy" habits like smoking (she smoked from age 21 until age 117) or eating one kilo of chocolate per week, or drinking a glass of Porto wine.
  • There are some areas in the world where centenarians are not uncommon, due to a healthy lifestyle, as a study has recentley discovered. Two of these places are Sardinia and Costa Rica, where people have a high intake of calcium and iron, thanks to their daily diet, which includes cheese and fish.
  • The area that has the longest life expectancy in the world is Japan. It is believed the longevity of its locals has something to do with their daily menu, which is full of vegetables, fish, grains and dairy products.
  • The most longevive light bulb in the world (still functioning) is burning for 110 years, without any pause, in the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department
    "Nobody knows how it's possible. It's a 60-watt bulb and it's only turned on for about four watts, but nobody knows why it keeps burning ... We've had scientists from all over the country look at this light bulb," (Lynn Owens, chief of light bulb centennial committee).
  • The oldest living tree in the world can be found in Sweeden, in Dalarna province, and is 9550 years old.
  • The oldest Champagne in the world (only two bottles left) is the Perrier-Jouet 1825 Vintage.


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    • TheHoleStory profile image

      TheHoleStory 4 years ago from Parsons, West Virginia

      This was an awesome hub, and I enjoyed reading about all of these facts from top to bottom.

    • profile image

      serah 4 years ago

      cool, intresting facts hope i dont forget 80% of it

    • profile image

      nandini 5 years ago

      i liked your facts very much thank you.

    • profile image

      cutie 5 years ago

      cool i loved ur facts too bad i am going to forget 80% of it like how u have suggested in fact no 23

    • mihaelaotp profile image

      Mihaela Buh 6 years ago from Romania

      Yes, that's right. I have researched that and edited the number 7. Thanks for pointing that out

    • profile image

      New Zealand Too! 6 years ago

      In relation to fun fact number 7 - The New Zealand islands and Ireland have something common. They are the only large islands with no native snake population.

    • mihaelaotp profile image

      Mihaela Buh 6 years ago from Romania

      I will keep adding when I find something that I find uncommon.

    • parrster profile image

      Richard Parr 6 years ago from Oz

      Hey, they were really interesting facts. Thx.