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Funchal Daily Photo, each day a different perspective of the city

Updated on September 15, 2016

Funchal Daily Photo

Imagine a place where someone put a photo each day from the same city. Imagine a network of cities around the world with the same philosophy. Well, the network exists and is called City Daily Photo.

Funchal Daily City is there. Every day I put a different photo from the capital of Madeira island, in Portugal. Not always from the day. Can have more days, weeks and even months.

I do it since 29th April 2009.

Funchal Daily Photo integrates also the global network of photography Around the World, with different characteristics.

I try to get pictures from different perspectives about the city that have centuries of history in a modern capital.

My real name is Paulo Camacho. I’m a citizen of the world who was born and lives on an island called Madeira. An island situated in the middle of the Atlantic, near the coast of Europe and Africa. In the fifteenth century was the origin of the maritime discoveries of the world.

Journalist by profession, I have a particular passion for photography that allows us to determine in time the moments who pass quickly.


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