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The Most Amusing Youtube Channels to Subscribe To.

Updated on March 17, 2015

Just For Laughs Gags

If you enjoy innocent pranks that make you laugh; this is a channel for you. For the most part, the pranks in this video are kid-friendly and they often have children doing the pranks; which is awesome.
Just For Laughs Gags has an extensive list of humorous videos and they post new ones often. I promise this channel has such a variety of funny pranks that everyone will find something that will make them gag on their own laughter. Subscribe and I am very sure you will not be sorry.

2013 family picture of the Shaytards.
2013 family picture of the Shaytards. | Source


You might have heard of this family before. They have been on television several times, America's Funniest Video, The Anderson Cooper show, and even on the news. To say the least, they have nearly three million subscribers and over six years worth of daily Vlogs(video diary made public).

The father, ShayButler helped create Makers' Studios, which is the media company that Disney bought earlier in 2014. I am sure this channel and the family will be even more known as the children grow up and expand their skills in whatever they do.

I myself have been a subscriber of Shaytards for about four years now and honestly I have spent many hours having fun watching this family be who they are. I have spent so many hours watching them that I feel like a part of the family.


The Phillip DeFranco Show

One of the best and funniest news channels ever! I've been subscribed to him for about five years now. His news topics are always interesting and informative. I seriously do not watch a lot of news channels anymore because this is all I need. He always puts links to his videos, just in case you want to learn more about what he talked about, and he puts a secret link which very often has something interesting to look into.

If you want your news to be truly entertaining and truthful at the same time, this is the show for you and I suggest you check it out.



Who said the news couldn't be put into the song? Nobody, and even if they did, they would be stupefied by the powers of Schmoyoho. From the double Rainbow song to Obama's own words turned into a song, I promise the audience will enjoy the time they spend on this channel.

The songs these masterminds create are catchy and will be in your head and you'll likely have to share a lot of them. Auto-tune was ruined by the people who made Rebecca Black infamous, but Schmoyoho brought it to light with these awesome songs.



Here is another great artist channel that requires attention. The humor and originality in the videos are simply amazing. He may not have a lot of content, but trust me the quality of each of his videos is worth subscribing for. I am sure he will have plenty of content in the future, and at 2.5 million subscribers, I am sure the quality of each video will continue to be amazing.


Vice News

If you find that news on television is not telling you enough, look into this channel to find out what is really going on in the world. Some of the biggest headlines do not have enough information on the ongoing chaos of war or social disruption around the world. Vice News has your back with informative coverage of reporters and Journalists inside the areas where the events take place. Warning: Due to the real coverage, you may see the true ugliness of war, including a heck of a lot off wreckage and cadavers.

The reality of this coverage is that it is real. Rather than the coverage being condensed into a sweet sounding story that more people enjoy, it is the genuine story of events that are happening within the Journalists area.


FPS Russia

If some of the coolest guns and the latest tech interests you than this channel is for you. Most channels do not have the awesomeness that this channel offers. Now only does he tell you about the guns but he also shoots them and you will often see things explode! Kaboom!

If you ever wanted to see the AA-12 double-wielded and shot by a Russian, this is the channel for you. If you ever wanted to see the devastation a 50. Calibur sniper rifle can do, this is your channel. If you ever wanted to see what a 50. Calibur automatic weapon can do to a tree, this is your channel!

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