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NYC Funny Occurrences

Updated on June 4, 2022
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Funny | Chaos & Joy


This is really too funny- an improv comedy group that claims to bring "chaos and joy" to everyday life by performing I'm not sure what you would call it- stunts, tricks, pranks, just making a scene? I must say it is very inventive and the video reminds me of the freeze game I played as a child, on a scale to the 10th power. Imagine over one hundred people in NYC's grand central station...well see for yourself. It definitely did grab my attention. The look on the faces of some of the people that were not participating and knew nothing of the joke is really interesting as well, especially the girl in the white hat. Oh, the look on her face! This group has done many things to grab the attention of people that are just going about their everyday lives. This one is probably my favorite.

You've got to love comedy

You've got to love comedy. The jokes that make you perk up and listen (or watch), do a double take, think, smile, think, laugh out loud. Some are really memorable.

A bit of this funny occurrence or happening actually reminds me a lot of the film, "The Happening" , (available on ) where everything just stops, everyone stops,(not funny) so you could imagine the millisecond of worry for those individuals that knew nothing of what was going on.

The concern can quickly dissipate when laughter erupts and they go through their busy days, thinking, oh I saw the funniest thing today! So, this comedic stunt was good for bringing joy after all.

I really do appreciate that talent in those that do comedy. I enjoy comedy on the big screen with trained actors, in movies such as Get Smart. I'm looking forward to Mall Cop, which seems so silly that it will have me laughing throughout.

Besides for the movies, I love how comedy resonates and spills over into real life right in front of you. No, not something that you did yourself ( and we do all experience doing something silly, maybe being embarassed and then being able to laugh at ourselves). But, I'm talking about improv or stand-up comedy that you can have the pleasure of experiencing in-person, like those at the train station did, on a very large scale.

Probably, the biggest thing about comedy that really commands respect is the braveness, the courage, some might say the audacity that comedians have to get up and do their thing. All of the books, guides, manuals concerning breaking into the business of comedy tend to gravitate toward discussing the overcoming of the biggest barrier- lack of confidence. Those who succeed ignore naysayers and have a lot of confidence to move forward with their dreams, which could really apply to success in all walks of life.

Making others laugh

I've personally known only a couple of individuals who have gotten up on stages to perform stand up comedy. I myself have performed in choirs, plays and karaoke (ha) over the years but never stand up comedy even though I love cracking jokes with friends. The people I know who have done it, performed in small towns or cities but loved doing it and I admire them for getting up there. I'm planning on going to some amateur comedy contests in my area soon (to support, as an audience member!). I think we should all support this art.

Many would like to get involved in comedy but don't see themselves standing alone on a big stage (where it's not just a speech to be delivered but something to make others laugh, much more challenging one might say). For those, an activity like in the video is really good to start out. Everyone is doing it as a group, as a community. There is also a big impact from the large crowd participating.

People need people

The coordinators of this stunt really did a good job bringing the people together to do this. It's an example of one of so many projects where people need people to get together and participate for a more dynamic impact.

© 2009 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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