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Funny Sms and Its Significant

Updated on March 15, 2011

Fun is one of the most important factors in life. As in this era everyone is busy in their life. Everyone is busy in their work. They don’t have sufficient time to spend with their family members. Some times people become so depressed, tensed and even frustrated. Due to a stressful routine life they also loose their energy in work and even in dealing life. Everything seems to them boring and same. Here a simple sms or message does its work, especially if that one comes from some of their closed one. In that busy schedule they start smiling after reading that funny sms.

Now net surfing is quite popular and so many sites are there to serve people according to their choice. People can easily find which message is better to send and which can reduce their stress, their tension, their depression. It’s also a good way to maintain relationship in one hand and in the other hand it also brings freshness to them. A single smile, a simple smile is enough to bring energy and spirit live a happy and fitful life.

Here are some Funny SMS which can make anyone laugh in whatever the situation might be.

Operation successful!! You can hear everything from now.
Did you say something?

Doctor: The payment cheque you gave me has bounced back from the bank.
Patient: Because the disease you cured before had returned as well.

Father: Thanks a lot doctor for saving my sons life.
Doctor: It's God who has saved your son's life.
After sometime.
Doctor: My fee??
Father: I'll send it to God through money order!!

Patient: Doctor, I am suffering from forgetfulness.
Doctor: From when are you suffering from this disease?
Patient: Which disease are you talking about?

First Blonde: What is the difference between "complete and finish"?

Second Blonde: When you marry a right person you are complete and when you marry the wrong one, you are finished !!!!!

Two blondes were driving to Tokyo Disneyland when they saw a sign that read, “Tokyo Disneyland Left”, so they turned around and went home

Banta ask santa: what will you

advise your children about marriage?

Santa declares: I’ll never marry in my life and

I’ll give same advice to my children also.

Why did santa ask plumber to come to his college?

Because he wanted to check where the question paper is leaking.

A Bengali babu returns from China.

Bengali asks wife: Do I look like a foreigner ?

Wife: No.

Bengali: Look carefully, do I look like a foreigner ?

Wife again replies: No.

By now Mr Bengali was fuming.

Bengali yells: All those women in China were fools. Where ever I visited, they all said: "Look a foreigner"

Wife: Honey, if I die would you get married again?

Husband: No dear.

Wife: I'm sure you would.

Annoyed husband: Okay, I would.

Wife: Would you let her sleep in our bed?

Husband: Ya, I guess so.

Wife: Would you let her wear my clothes.

Husband: No, she is taller than you.

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      5 years ago

      В июне того же года за барабаны вместо Моргунова садится Владимир Якушенко. Затем, возвратившись с отдыха в Алуште, в группе появляется бывший участник "Високосного лета" Крис Кельми, который, в свою очередь, приводит в коллектив Сергея Брутяна (вокал).

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      We employed to get high on living although of late I have accumulated a level of resistance.


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