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Furious 7 the film.

Updated on April 6, 2015

This is my cup of tea added with Noz.

The fans, we were there since the beginning.

As I am going to start off first when I write about certain films; NO I am not a movie critic.

I love the films I love, and love the Fast and Furious series.

This is my cup of tea with a drop of Noz.

I can't speak for everyone but I enjoyed the film last thursday night. Of course there were parts where I bawled my eyes out.

It was hard to watch.

Why this film worked is because of the diverse people, the actors, who became family that stretched beyond the film sets.

I remember when last year when Paul Walker passed who played Brian. I know a couple of people who worked on the set and can remember on my social media when Paul Walker past the news feeds when Paul passed, what were people going to do?

Well yeah a lot of my friends in my social media network are many different types of artists.

I think it was very hard for people to finish the film but they did.

I think that everyone that was part of the film, from crew to actors and ESPECIALLY my stunt brothers and sisters should take a bow.

I enjoyed the ride and have never missed one of the Fast and Furious films. I have sat in the movie theatre and seen every part.

Like I said this is not everyone's cup of tea but it is mine.

I like adrenaline, and that is not for everyone.

With life, nothing is guaranteed in life and people can say that what people do in these films are dangerous and of course no one should just go out and try.

But you just can not let fear control your life.

If you let fear control our lives, we may as well not live.

So watching Furious 7, certain parts I was crying my heart out in the theatre because you could feel the family connection with everyone.

You have seen when in the first part Brian and Dom (played by Vin Diesel) had grown as brothers and the bond grew offset.

Then with the whole other cast members to come, the brotherhood bonded even further and this is why this franchise worked.

Going even further with this franchise it has out grossed any other series franchise ever. Well go look it up, you will see what I am talking about.

I enjoy stunts and action and each part stepped up its game.

Now, of course the Fast and Furious series aren't going to win awards and this is not because it is a crazy off the wall, adrenaline junkie film.

It is because, with the academy awards, there is really no Oscars for the action/stunt community.

The action world has to have separate award shows because there really isn't any Oscars for the films.

Why is it that there is an award for everything, Best actor, actress, director, music, editing, make-up and other things but yet there really is no Oscar for action?

I mean, even in comedy, drama and other films there are indeed stunts where doubles have stepped in.

Is the action community any less important and action films any less important than other films?

Maybe in time things might change, who am I to say?

Like I said, I enjoy these films and maybe not everyone but enjoy being entertained.

I like to step into a world in the theatre and like to be blown away with what I see on a big screen.

I like the crazy adrenaline stunt scenes in films and truly enjoy it.

I can't put words into other people's mouth, I just know what I like.

There are many types of films I like but I like the action films a lot more, like I said, when going to a theatre with a big screen, I want to be thrown into a world where there are racing cars cause let's be honest if I did that on the streets where I lived I'd get arrested, go ahead and laugh because yes I would love to sit in a car on a racetrack and feel how fast a race car would feel.

Now of course there is a scene from Furious 7 they actually show in a clip that the public can see and I will post that, so it is not really a spoiler because it has been out in the public.

The whole crew had to go out to a certain place and drop out of a plane while in their cars and it is CRAZY.

But I loved the whole scene and yes it was a crazy, crazy scene but enjoyed it, and I will find a link to post it so you all will know what I am talking about.

Of course I do know that stunts are very dangerous but this is the life for people that is really their work and I have much respect for the people who do the stunts.

I would to be able to do a crazy stunt like swinging from a rope of helicopter of things along those lines.

Yes even the scenes in Furious 7 are so crazy, it will blow your mind and I got excited and once again I like to be entertained. With the exciting scenes in Furious 7 it got my adrenaline going in the theatre and it made me feel alive.

What can I say, I know what I like and yes the scenes in the film are so insane it just blows your mind.

Yes, I could go into detail about the whole stunt scenes and the film, but if people want to see the film, I do not want to ruin it for them.

If you are a Fast and Furious fan, then go see and see it in the theatre.

I think certain films were meant to see on a big screen to feel the full effect of the stunts performed in the film.

Have fun and enjoy the film....Ride or die

Ride or die, here we go


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