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Furiously Fun – A review of Fast & Furious 6

Updated on May 23, 2013
Paul Walker and Vin Diesel return for yet another installment in the ongoing series about muscle cars and family ties that bind
Paul Walker and Vin Diesel return for yet another installment in the ongoing series about muscle cars and family ties that bind
3 stars for Fast & Furious 6

Summary: Unlike the other sequel that debuted this week, Fast & Furious has at least managed to maintain some semblance of freshness throughout and created another compelling testosterone laden explosion of action and muscle cars that keeps rocketing through its two hour timeframe on the big screen.

One would get the impression that, by this time, there could only be so many stories that can be told about renegade good and bad guys with fancy fast cars and muscle bound fisticuffs and pugilism with even badder bad guys.

However, Fast and Furious manages to bring another installment to full life on the big screen and manages to keep you awake and gripping your armrests as you helplessly careen along for the ride of a lifetime.

Yes, the less than inspiring monotone actor Vin Diesel is still the central core character in the film, starring as bad guy turned good guy Dominick Toretto who learns that his best girl Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) who he thought had died in an earlier chapter is actually alive and well and working for a world class bad guy (Luke Evans).

The plot? Who knows and who cares? It’s not really important or relevant to the real story, which is basically to get the girl back from the clutches of the evil Evans who will stop at nothing to beat Dom’s “family”.

We end up eavesdropping on a number of feel-good scenes where we see how much these characters obviously care about one another. And just about the time that we’re about to shed another artificial tear for them, we’re thrown into another car chase or fight scene to lighten the mood.

No, the acting is not going to win this cast any awards, but the dialogue is thick with the classic one-liners and jabs that one can expect from this type of story.

And plausibility? Leave your brain at the door for this one. There is so much here that requires you to suspend your disbelief that even a futuristic space epic like Star Trek feels more realistic. There’s a whole sequence toward the end of the movie that makes you wonder whether they can really make a straight stretch of road quite that long.

The good news, though, is that we can still care for this band of misfits. Underneath all the testosterone and Nitrous Oxide, the people are still at the heart of the tale. We are drawn in by Toretto’s coolness and sincerity when he proudly asserts that everything the group does will be for the sake of the “family”.

Even Paul Walker manages to convey a real sense of intent and passion as he battles to protect his wife, who is also Dom’s sister when she’s threatened by the amoral Evans contingent. Dwayne Johnson, who is having a banner year, manages to stretch his monosyllabic acting chops as the supercop who presses the group back into service to stop Evans from carrying out his ominous plan.

You may want to stay tuned for the ending credits too. There’s an Easter egg that sets up the next installment in what is turning out to be yet another Hollywood perennial.

As long as you’re not expecting anything more than a two hour action packed loud and overpowering rocket blast, you can enjoy this movie as the latest popcorn pleaser of the big screen for the next six weeks. It’s another summertime guilty pleasure. Personally, I like my plots to be more compelling, though. I give Fast & Furious 6 three out of five stars.

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    • BernietheMovieGuy profile image

      Bernie Ment 4 years ago from Syracuse, NY

      I agree with you. Too bad they spend more time on the fights and car chases though and less time on character development.

    • amandajoyshapiro profile image

      amandajoyshapiro 4 years ago

      Fast And Furious is probably my favorite franchise because the car chases are always exciting and fresh while the characters are continuously well-developed.