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GCB -- Cancelled

Updated on May 15, 2012

Recalling some of my favorite moments

I really didn't think this show would get cancelled. It just seemed to get better and better. But ABC makes a lot of dumb decisions that don't make much sense. Like, apparently, moving Revenge to Sunday nights. Why move a show from it's original time slot where it's working to a different day and different time. Not very bright if you ask me.

Trying to look on the bright side, maybe it was for the best. I loved Desperate Housewives the first season, but it was never as good the following seasons. Could GCB keep up the level the show is at now in the next season or the season after. Would the show that is so fresh and funny, become old and stale? So maybe it's for the best that GCB ran one season and it was a very good season.

Anyway, I thought I'd look back on some of my favorite moments.

Not since Lucy Ricardo on I Love Lucy have you seen some of the antics that Carlene did. The most memorable antic by far has to be when she stuck Amanda's laptop between her thighs and managed to walk out of Gigi's house and across the street to her own without dropping it once until she arrived home to find her son pleasuring herself. The woman must have incredible inner-thigh muscle strength.

Another Carlene moment that was absolutely hilarious was her little skip down the aisle to Rip dressed as Scarlett. What made it so hilarious was earlier she'd been shot in the butt cheek. She suddenly got a stitch of pain in her butt cheek but she was still determined to scamper over to Rip. It was a less than elegant scamper, but she continued on pain and all.

Funniest Rip moment had to be when Carlene got shot in the butt and he's overseeing the doctor removing the bullet from her hind-end. You just had to laugh at his look of relief when he discovered Carlene could still clench her butt cheeks. I think we all know why.

Gigi was also a character that had some classic scenes. Like when Amanda discovered Gigi with so many guns and asked what she was afraid of and Gigi replied cocking a shotgun, "Not a damn thing." It was also hilarious when Gigi got caught in the bushes.

Blake and Cricket were also hilarious together, especially when they decided to make a baby the old-fashioned way. Especially when they took some herbs that were supposed to get them aroused, and made them sweat like pigs to the point Cricket screamed not to touch her and was trying to gulp down any water she could find. Cricket and Blake showed you don't need to have sex in your marriage to love your partner. Both Cricket and Blake have sex outside their marriage, but it doesn't touch what they share. Cricket even offered to let Blake go so he could find someone to have a future with. Instead, he opted up for another 18 years wanting to have another child with Cricket. And when Cricket saw Mason could be a serious threat to her marriage, she got away from him, so she wouldn't jeopardize her marriage. It's one of the best marriages portrayed on TV.

Blake and Cricket were also great on their own. My favorite Cricket moment was in the BBQ Baste-Off episode where Cricket let arch enemy Amanda have some wood from her tree, because she of all people knows how women get discriminated against. From comments she's made, her father wanted a son and got her instead. And she had to deal with discrimination because she's a woman every day as a business woman. So, even though, Cricket couldn't get past the horrible lie Amanda spread about her in high school, they could come together on that issue. All the women did because they weren't be treated as equals.

And my favorite Blake moment had to be him dancing in the toga as Lazarus. I kept wondering if he's flashed his package at Rip, as Jesus.

For all the humor, there were also some serious issues dealt with. When Zach complained that he felt his glory days had passed him by, it caused Sharon to think about her own life. A lot of women get married, let themselves go and lose who they are. So Sharon taking off the weight with her Jesus Meals and building it into a business was a very true issue a lot of women go through. Unfortunately, Zach doesn't get what that company meant to Sharon and he sold it out from under her thinking the money will get them out of the hole they're in. After taking the steps of getting out there and trying to find out who she is, she doesn't want to go back to the way things were, and Zach just doesn't get that.

Carlene saw her son getting romantic with Amanda's daughter and she went into panic mode to try to scare them into not having sex. She created a purity club promoting abstinence and had all the teens portray these vignettes of the evils of sex. Like teen pregnancy and getting a STD. Amanda was appalled by what Carlene was doing until she saw her and Carlene's kids necking. So, Amanda and Carlene teamed up and took each other's child and imparted to them what happened to them when they had sex. Turns out Carlene got a reputation in school for being an easy lay, while Amanda got knocked up and had to marry her boyfriend and that ended real well for her.

it's a shame ABC pulled the plug on this show, because it had a lot going for it. Yes it had some outrageously funny situations that probably wouldn't happen in real life, but it also tackled some real life issues wrapped up in those outrageously comic situations. I'm just glad I DVRed all the episodes and can rewatch them when I want a good laugh.


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