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GCB Cast and Characters

Updated on May 27, 2012
Cast of GCB
Cast of GCB

GCB Cast and Characters

ABC's GCB tv show is funny, hilarious and downright snarky at times, but is all in the name of good fun. After watching GCB you might be wondering who the GCB cast and characters are and where you have seen them before. Below you will find a detailed description of the main cast of GCB and details about some of the expected guest appearances.

Leslie Bibb
Leslie Bibb

Amanda Vaughn

Leslie Bibb as Amanda Vaughn. Amanda Vaughn recently became a widow when her husband, Bill Vaughn, cheated on her and left with his new girlfriend. However, he crashed his car and died. It turns out he was responsible for a huge financial fraud and all Amanda's assets have been seized by the government. While she tries to prove she had nothing to do with her husbands actions, she reluctantly decides turning to her mother for help.

Amanda is forced to move back to her hometown, with her kids, when all her furniture and assets are frozen. Amanda is struggling for money and decides to live with her mother in Dallas, Texas. Although she hopes this is a temporary move she is unprepared for what awaits her at home.

Amanda was the Queen Bee at high school. Although she was popular and pretty, most girls hated her as she was really nasty to them. Of course, all the guys loved Amanda and are glad to see she's returned home. Amanda has to find a way to deal with the women of the town if she has any hope of making a new life for her and her kids.

Along with dealing with her past, Amanda must also try and adjust to life as a widower. Getting back into the dating scene isn't as easy as it may seem, especially as Bill was her first and only partner.

If Leslie Bibb looks familiar then you probably recognise her from Iron Man and Iron Man 2, where she played a reporter that slept with Tony Stark. I remember her from her role as Queen Bee Brooke McQueen, in the popular high school series Popular.

Annie Potts
Annie Potts

Gigi Stopper

Annie Potts as Amanda Vaughn's Mother, Gigi Stopper. Gigi lives in Dallas, Texas and takes her daughter in after her financial troubles and her divorce. Gigi re-educates her daughter on life in Texas and helps her adjust to her return to her home town.

Although Gigi is Amanda's mother she acts like a teenager a lot of the time. She does and says things that are inappropriate for someone of her age which makes her really fun to watch.

She is well respected in the Dallas community and goes to church every Sunday. She is also a widow but has always loved Burl Lourd, played by Bruce Boxleitner. Unfortunately, Burl has a heart condition and his wife dislikes Gigi. However, the world is put to rights when Burl's wife chokes on a platter of bbq ribs!

Annie Potts has starred in so many TV shows and movies that it's hard to list them all. You might recognise her as the assitant on Ghostbusters. She then starred in Designing Women for over 6 years. Love and War, Over the Top, Any Day Now and Joan of Arcadia are some of the more recent shows she has been in.

Kristin Chenoweth
Kristin Chenoweth

Carlene Cockburn

Kristin Chenoweth as leader of the GCB's, Carlene Cockburn. Carlene is also the niece of Burl Carlene, wife to Ripp Cockburn and lives across the road from Gigi.

Carlene has changed over the years and was previously bullied by Amanda at high school. Carlene has done her best to forget those days by transforming herself, from the geeky quiet kid to the life and soul of the party.

Carlene Cockburn portrays herself as a good Christian wife but behind closed doors is another story altogether. She is very territorial and still thinks of Amanada as the girl she was in high school. She is also willing to do anything to remain in her current position in life and has had mutiple surgeries to make herself look beautiful.

She is a devout Christian and takes her religion very seriously, but how she applies is to real life is sometimes a bit unorthodox, to say the least. She is a dutiful wife and loves her husband very much.

Kristin Chenoweth is well loved on TV and has been a guest star of Glee a number of times, as April Rhodes. Before that she was in Pushing Daisies and The West Wing.

Marisol Nichols
Marisol Nichols

The Other GCB's

Marisol Nichols plays, one of the GCB's, Heather Cruz. Heather is the natural beauty in the group and like all the ladies, loves to gossip.

Heather isn't as affluent as the other women and is an estate agent. She constantly has to do as the other women in the group say, as they are also her clients. She does her best to keep them happy, but she doesn't always agree with them.

Heather also hasn't been as lucky in love either. She is still single, although not through a lack of trying. She would give anything to be in a committed relationship or even married.

Heather is the first of the local ladies to give Amanda Vaughn a second chance. However, Heather has to constantly pay the price for letting the other ladies down.

Marisol Nichols has had many lucrative TV roles including Nadia Yassir on 24 and she played the mother of the new family that moved to The Gates (also on ABC).

Jennifer Aspen
Jennifer Aspen

Jennifer Aspen as Carlene Cockburn's sidekick, Sharon Peacham.

Sharon was really beautiful in high school, but is siffering from self doubt and allows Carlene to lead her and the group. Sharon feels threatened with the return of Amanda, but does her best to welcome her home.

Sharon has gained a few pounds since high school and is wary of her husband straying. She believes her husband is attracted to Amanda and he is. Sharon isn't the sharpest of the ladies, but she loves her family and her goal is to be the best housewife in Dallas. Sharon cooks everything from scratch.

Sharon gets a wake up call when she finds out her husband, Zack kissed Amanda. Sharon becomes more liberated and goes on a diet. She is trying to gain back her self-esteem and wants to feel like there's a life ahead of her, rather than always looking back to her glory days in high school.

If you recognise Jennifer Aspen it could be from Party of Five, Rodney or perhaps from Glee.

Miriam Shore
Miriam Shore

If you like GCB then you'll probably love that other famous Dallas TV show which is returning in June 2012.

Cricket Caruth-Reilly is played by Miriam Shor.

Cricket is a strong business woman in public. She's the son her father never had and she runs the family business, with her husband Blake Reilly. Cricket carries a lot of weight in town and gets her way most of the time. However, she is still second fiddler to Carlene and is dying to knock her off the pedestal. Cricket loves the limelight and would give anything to get a church solo.

On the surface, it would appear that Cricket has everything a modern woman would want; great looking husband, beautiful daughter and lots of cash. The truth is that Blake is gay and their marriage is more of a business deal. They are warm to each other, but Blake spends most of his free time up at the ranch with his foreman. Cricket uses her extra-curriculur activities to blow off some steam, and to work up a sweat.

I recognize Miriam Shor best from her role on Damages as the main characters drug addicted sister. She certainly shrubbed up well for this role.

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Other Recurring Characters

Of course there is more to GCB than just a bunch of women. Everyone knows that nothing makes women more evil towards each other than by introducing men into the mix.

David James Elliott plays the husband of Angelic Carlene Cockburn. Ripp Cockburn is good looking and loves and supports his wife 100%, however, he did get swindled by Bill. Ripp wants to find out if Amanda is hiding some of the funds Bill stole from investors like him.

Mark Deklin plays Blake Reilly, the husband of Cricket. Blake loves Cricket for the woman she is but he loves guys more. Blake is a loving father and husband and has a great eye for design. None of the other women, apart from Amanda, seems to know that Blake is gay.

Sharon's husband, Zack Peacham, is played by Brad Beyer. Zack was the high school jock and thought he was going to go places. That all fell apart when he got injured. He settled down with his high school sweetheart and opened a car dealership, selling high end cars. His business is suffering now that another injured football player has opened a similar dealership.

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The GCB characters mainly revolves around a bunch of rich women living in Dallas, Texas. Check out the scene below from the premiere, to see just how "nice" these ladies really are.

Overall, the cast of GCB are funny and I can't wait to see more of them. The way they apply their religion to their everyday lives is outstanding and totally unexpected. Just when you think these women couldn't do anything stranger they come at you from another totally unexpected yet really funny angle.

Lookout for a few guest stars on GCB, in the form of Sheryl Crow and Sandra Bernhard.

Meet the Women of GCB

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    • profile image

      Michele Hoyo 5 years ago

      This was a funny show, and very bold because middle-aged Christian republicans are not good at laughing at themselves. But I would like to ask who did the casting because some of those women did not go to high school in the same decade, let alone together! Who casted these women to be the same age? It makes it a little unbelievable.