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GCB -- What Happens In Juarez...

Updated on May 7, 2012

May not stay in Juarez

Carlene is trying to get together a group to go down with her to Jaurez to celebrate her breaking the ground for her Condos for Christian Living. She's borrowing Cricket's jet to get there. At first, Cricket turns down the offer to go, but when Mason Massey comes sniffing at her door, again, she uses it as an excuse to get away from him. When Carlene also invites Pastor Tudor he asks Amanda to do with him. Since Gigi doesn't want Amanda to interrupt her plans to go surprise Luke in Austin, she says she'll go with him instead.

When Amanda goes to surprise Luke she's the one who gets the surprise. She finds out he's been lying to her and he's really in Juarez, so she bums a ride on Cricket's jet with the rest of the girls to find out just what Luke is up to down in Juarez. When they arrive she and Gigi go peek in the house where Luke is staying and get more than they bargained for. They see Rip hugging a young woman named Lucia. Amanda wants to tell Carlene about it, but Gigi gets her to keep quiet.

Before leaving for Juarez, Cricket has another encounter with Mason. He drops by her office and she introduces him to Blake. When Blake suggests she use Mason as another of her dishes on the side, she admits he wouldn't be just a dish on the side. Also, I don't think Mason would just settle for being a dish on the side as evidenced when he drops by to see Blake and reveals he had a long chat with Blake's ex-lover and ranch foreman, Booth. Mason makes it clear he knows the truth about Cricket and Blake's marriage, which is the thing Blake fears most ever coming out.

Meanwhile Rip tells Lucia he wants to bring her back home with him. That it's time Carlene knows about her. Turn out Lucia is Rip's daughter; not his lover. But the big question is just how old is she and did he have an affair with Lucia's mother before or after he married Carlene.

Things take a bad turn when all the girls are attending the ground breaking for Carlene's Condo's for Christian Living. The limo the girls take back to town kidnaps them. There kidnapper is a woman named Debbie Horowitz who is determined to stop Carlene's condos from being built. After Carlene signs the land over to Debbie, the girls are left stranded in the middle of nowhere with the only thing to drink to keep themselves hydrated a bottle of tequila. Gigi finally gets Amanda to take a swig to hydrate herself and Amanda falls off the wagon, ruining her sobriety.

Meanwhile Zach sells Sharon's company, feeling the offer is too good to pass up. Earlier, Sharon had made it clear she didn't want to sell. He takes advantage of her absence to do what he wants to do. When Pastor Tudor begins to worry about the girls he sends out an SOS to Blake, who rushes to Juarez, as Tudor and Zach begin a search for the girls.

Before Zach and Tudor find them, Amanda blows Carlene's world apart by telling her that Rip lied to her. The Lord did not speak to him. He wanted the condos built down here so he could see his little tootsie-wootsie without Carlene finding out. Carlene accuses Amanda of lying, until Gigi confirms what Amanda is saying is true. Amanda, however, wishes she'd kept her mouth shut when Carlene falls to the ground refusing to move and Amanda has to carry her as they try to find their way out of the Mexican desert.

Zach becomes a little curious about Tudor when he sees what a good tracker Tudor is. He mentions he was in the military before becoming a man of God. Thanks to Gigi the boys are able to track down the girls. Making it back to the spot of the Condos for Christian Living site where a huge billboard of Carlene sits, Gigi throws her can of hair spray in the air and shoots it, setting the billboard on fire and alerting the boys to just where they are. Yep, Gigi brought her gun with. Don't leave home without it. That was my favorite scene of the entire episode.

When they find the girls, Zach tells Sharon what she does. It's lucky he's not my husband and he sold my company out from under me when I told him I didn't want to sell. He'd be able to sing soprano. Zach and Sharon then learn it was Cricket's company who bought Sharon's. Earlier, Cricket and Sharon had gotten into a little business woman rivalry. So things just keep getting better and better for Sharon.

Cricket has to face her own problems when she's rescued. Cricket assures Blake that while Mason kissed her and she did feel something, he's the one she wants. Unfortunately, Blake has to tell Cricket it may not be that simple, because Mason knows the truth about their marriage and there's no telling just what Mason plans to do with that knowledge.

Finally, Gigi and Amanda take Carlene to the house they found Rip with Lucia. He reveals that Lucia is his daughter, but it doesn't relieve Carlene that he isn't cheating on her. She asks the million dollar question. Just how old is Lucia. As in, you may not be cheating on me now, but did you cheat on me in the past?

Meanwhile Amanda confronts Luke about lying to her. He tells Amanda he loves her, but she was married to a man who lied to her, so she doesn't know if she can let herself trust Luke. He just lied to her so easily. She takes refuge at a bar where she orders a drink to test herself to see if she was firmly back on the wagon and she finds she can resist the temptation to drink. Tudor finds her there and tells her a bit of his history before becoming a pastor. Then in a moment that shocks them both Tudor kisses Amanda and they both appear to like it.

So as we leave the GCB girls on their first finale, and we wait to see if the show is picked up for another season, all three girls' marriages may be in jeopardy. While Cricket is trying to resist her powerful attraction to Mason, the fact he's discovered the truth about her marriage to Blake may have changed everything, if Mason tries to use it as leverage to force Cricket to give into the attraction between the two of them. And if Cricket does it could bring about the end of her marriage to Blake. Will Sharon just get over Zach selling her company out from under her, even though she made it clear she didn't want to sell. And did Rip cheat on Carlene in the past? If he did, I don't see her just getting over it. She still hasn't gotten over what Amanda did to her in high school. If Rip did cheat on her while they were married, as well as lie to her about God speaking to him, it may be too much for her to get past. And what of the triangle Amanda suddenly finds herself in? Will she forgive Luke or will she discover Pastor Tudor is the right man for her?


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