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Galaxy of Heroes Character Reviews: Letter C Units (Part 1)

Updated on August 14, 2016
Jeremy Gill profile image

Jeremy hopes the Force is with him as he pursues a forensics career in the swamps of Louisiana.

Galaxy of Heroes

A not very long time ago, in cell phones that aren't too far away..

Free-to-play but hard to master game Galaxy of Heroes has enthralled many throughout the galaxy. Dozens of fighters, heros and villains, appear to prove their worth. But which reign supreme? A young writer desperately attempts to review all characters before confused players fall to the Dark Side..

Today, we're taking a look at the first set of "C" characters (there's so many, they're split into two articles)! We'll review their strengths, weaknesses, and various abilities. For a quick explanation of the different ability types, check out the table at the bottom. We'll begin with deadly bounter hunter..

Cad Bane
Cad Bane

Cad Bane

Gun Slinger (Basic): Deal damage with a chance to attack again. Great basic ability that can pile on the hurt.

Stun Glove (Special): Deal unavoidable damage, stun, and remove some turn meter from one foe. A great attack with a variety of negative effects. Much more Turn Meter will be removed when a Jedi foe is struck.

Jedi Hunter (Unique): Cad receives extra critical chance and critical damage when attacking Jedi. Pretty lame passive that only increases damage on a small percentage of characters.

Hunter's Reflexes (Leader): Scoundrel-type allies receive extra evasion and gain some Turn Meter when they evade. A good leader ability for scoundrel teams.

Overall: 7/10. The prequels in Star Wars get a lot of hate, but at least they spawned the well-received Clone Wars animated series, which introduced us to cunning bounty hunter Cad Bane. His attacks are both good - I just wish his unique ability helped against more characters.

Captain Phasma
Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma

Onslaught (Basic): Deal damage to one foe. On a critical hit, inflict Defense Down. On a noncritical, chance to gain Advantage. An excellent basic that either lowers a foe's defenses or potentially buffs Phasma with Advantage, which guarantees your next hit is a critical.

Victory March (Special): All allies gain some Turn Meter and Advantage. Hands down one of the best abilities in the game, this really speeds up your team and ensures quite a few criticals.

Fusillade (Special): Deal damage to all foes with a chance to inflict Speed Down. Only causes minor damage, but hitting all enemies and slowing them down still makes Fusillade a great attack. (If you, like me, did not know what a fusillade is, it's a quick barrage of shots or missiles. Star Wars: expanding your vocabulary since the seventies).

Fire At Will (Leader): Whenever an ally attacks, they have a chance to call an Assist, who will deal reduced damage. First Order allies have double the chance to call an Assist. Good leader ability for any squad, a must-have for First Order configurations.

Overall: 9/10. Captain Phasma has three great attacks and a helpful leader ability. Unfortunately, no passive trait, but this soldier works superbly with any team.

Chief Chirpa
Chief Chirpa

Chief Chirpa

Bounding Strike (Basic): Deal damage and gain some Turn Meter if the target had above 50% Turn Meter. Below average attack due to a situational secondary effect, but not too bad.

Ancestral Secrets (Special): All allies recover partial health at the start of their next few turns; Ewok allies also gain Retribution (giving them a counterattack) and heal for an extra turn. An interesting special that goes from being decent to deadly in Ewok unions.

Tribal Unity (Special): Grant all allies Speed Up, then call some Ewok allies and a random ally to Assist. These assists deal much less damage. An amazing ability if you have enough Ewoks in your squad to take advantage of all the assists.

Simple Tactics (Leader): Ewok allies gain some Turn Meter and deal extra damage when they use a basic attack. Non-ewok allies gain half this effect. Great leader ability for Ewok teams, combos stupendously with Tribal Unity.

Overall: X/10. A hard character to score. Let's be real here, for non-Ewok teams, X is about a 4. But for Ewok groups, you need Chirpa and X skyrockets to 10.

Clone Sergeant - Phase 1
Clone Sergeant - Phase 1

Clone Sergeant - Phase 1

Z-6 Rotary Blaster (Basic): Deal damage with chance to gain Turn Meter on a critical. Underwhelming basic, you need to score a critical to have a chance to gain the Turn Meter.

Suppresive Fire (Special): Deal damage to all foes and remove some Turn Meter. A mighty attack that batters and removes Turn Meter from all adversaries.

Concentrated Fire (Unique): Phase 1 gains critical chance for each living Clone ally, has extra critical damage, and a chance to gain Offense Up on a critical hit. Good passive, great in Clone formations.

Overall: X/10. Sorry for these Xs, but this trooper really doesn't offer much to non-Clone teams, making X equal 3. For Clone groups, boost it to a 7.

Clone Wars Chewbacca
Clone Wars Chewbacca

Clone Wars Chewbacca

Bowcaster (Basic): Deal damage to a foe with a chance to remove Turn Meter. Good basic that can remove quite a bit of Turn Meter.

Wookie Rage (Special): Taunt and gain Health Up. Until fully upgraded, the taunt unfortunately lasts only one turn, but the Health Up effect forms a satisfying combo: Chewie draws damage to himself, then heals some of it.

Defiant Roar (Special): Chewie recovers a decent amount of health and gains Defense Up, with a chance to gain some Turn Meter. A good defensive ability to keep this tank alive.

Wookie Resolve (Leader): All allies gain some defense and have a chance to receive Defense Up when hit. Good leader ability that will fortify all team members.

Overall: 7/10. Chewie may very well be the bulkiest character in the game and takes loads of punishment before falling. Defiant Roar can help keep him alive while he draws attention with Wookie Rage. Unfortunately, he's very slow, vulnerable to the debuff Healing Immunity, and lacks a powerful offensive special.

Note: The "Clone Wars" in his title implies we should get a "regular" version of Chewie later, like how we have two versions of Han Solo. And when that inevitably happens, I'm gonna forget to change this text and it'll be really awkward for us all. At least I didn't mention Jar Ja- darn it!

Coruscant Underworld Police
Coruscant Underworld Police

Coruscant Underworld Police

Non-Lethal Takedown (Basic): Deal damage to foe with a chance to stun. Fairly good basic ability, though I wish the stun chance were higher.

Non-Lethal Crowd Control (Special): Deal damage to all enemies with a chance to inflict Offense Down. A good way to weaken enemies; though again, I wish the chance were greater (even at top levels, it's barely above 50%, and that's assuming they don't resist it).

Non-Lethal Specialist (Unique): CUP gains some potency (which helps prevent foes from resisting debuffs) and gains Turn Meter whenever he inflicts a debuff. Surprisingly helpful passive that stacks well with both attacks.

Overall: ∞/10. The ultimate unit. Can solo the entire game single-handedly.

Okay, in all seriousness, 4/10. Although all of two people in the world were probably asking for this character's inclusion in the game, and you'll rarely ever see him used, I'm honestly surprised by how well his unique trait increases his capabilites. For a guy with "Non-Lethal" in every single action he takes, CUP really isn't too bad. He'd nearly be top-tier if only his debuff chances were higher.

Which character do you find most effective?

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More Characters to Come!

Excellent, we're halfway through GoH's "C" fighters. Feel free to vote for your favorite or review the types of abilities below. I'll see you when we finish the lot!

Types of Abilities

A character's default (and usually weakest) attack. Always available, these don't have cooldowns.
If the debuff "Ability Block" is applied, a character can temporarily only use their basic attack. Basic attacks are also used when certain characters counter-attack.
Special attacks, abilities, or heals that have cooldowns - a certain number of turns must pass before the special can be reused.
Cooldown times change from special to special, and can sometimes be reduced by leveling up the special.
An ability that is always active for a character. Often boosts a certain statistic.
Some characters have these, some do not.
A passive ability that applies to your whole team; however, each team can only have one leader ability active at a time.
Some characters do not have leader abilities. Also, some will only affect certain members of your team (such as only Jedi or Droids). Interestingly, even if your leader dies, the leader ability still affects your remaining units.


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