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Win Big on Americas Favorite TV Game Shows

Updated on March 20, 2016
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Stacie L has been an educator for many years and likes to share her experiences and advice.

Lets Make a Deal with Monte Hall
Lets Make a Deal with Monte Hall

Game shows promise big money

Have you watched tv games shows and thought you could win some big money? I researched the requirements to become a contestant on games shows to see if it was possible for anyone to be accepted. If you've ever wondered if you could strike it big , then you may be one of the fortunate few.

I wondered about this myself and recently applied to a couple. I heard back from a few but couldn't qualify or make the travel arrangements at the time, but maybe you will have better luck.

There are a few American TV game quiz shows that you may apply for, but not everyone can be accepted.

Applications are often pages long, and require an accompanying video to showcase your winning personality. If that wasn't enough, when you are picked to come down to the studio or remote casting call, you must also audition.

Yes, contestants must audition to be chosen to appear on the programs. The shows executives don’t want a dud to ruin their fun and exciting program. After all they have sponsors to please and there’s a lot at stake.

Here are a few of my favorite tv game shows.

Popular Game shows

Wikipedia defines a game show is a type of television program in which members of the public or celebrities, sometimes as part of a team, play a game which involves answering questions or solving problems for money and/or prizes. On some shows contestants compete against other players or another team while other shows involve contestants playing alone for a good outcome or a high score. Game shows often reward players with prizes such as cash, trips and goods and services provided by the show’s prize suppliers. Many television game shows descended from similar programs on radio.

The following TV game shows are the most popular on American television today. Perhaps one of these is your favorite.

Let's Make a Deal

Let's Make a Deal with Wayne Brady. This is a revamped version from the original show from the 70s with Monte Hall. Contestants who wear crazy costumes and have outgoing personalities are usually chosen to participate from a studio audience.

Wayne brings his wonderful humor and years of stand up improve to create a fun,fast paced program.The program pits contestants against each other for small prizes that graduate toward the end to the Big Deal of the Day.

Watch the video to get a sense of the fun.

New automobiles, vacation trips, cruises, luxury items are all on the line but a contestant can also win the dreaded Zonk.

To be a contestant, fill out the application here.

The Price is Right Millionaire winner!

The Price Is Right

The Price is Right was hosted Bob Barker for 35 years and now Drew Cary hosts this long running American favorite. Bob does make some appearances from time to time. This show's contestants can go home with nothing or go all the way to win thousands in prizes. Everyone hopes to win enough small deals through their games and wind up on the final Deal of the Day showcase.

There are four main ways to become a contestant; This was copied from the shows’ website;

Option one - ONLINE TICKETING; -You can access and request ticket availability online without the wait. -There is a maximum of four tickets per email address. -You can confirm and print your request from your computer within minutes. -You can obtain maps to the taping location. -We will keep you up to date by email if changes in scheduling occur unless they are beyond our control. -Please note that if you apply for tickets online but are unable to attend, email us at

Option two - Write in your request for tickets If you wish to write for tickets, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

The Price Is Right Tickets

7800 Beverly Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Along with your return envelope please send a note stating how many tickets you wish and specify the exact date and time of taping. You can request up to a maximum of ten tickets per written request. Please allow about two weeks notice when mailing for tickets.

Option three- Pick up tickets at our Ticket Booth General Tickets are available at the Ticket Booth in advance of the taping dates and tickets for all tapings are available on the day of the taping. Ticket distribution is in excess of studio capacity; therefore, a ticket does not guarantee admittance.

Option four - Order Tickets by Phone: Call 800-852-8909 and we will mail you tickets. We will need to know the date, time and quantity of tickets.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire Game Show

Another show for possible fortune and fame is the Who wants to be a Millionaire? tv program.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is a television game show which offers very large cash prizes for correctly answering 15 (or in some countries, 12) consecutive multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty.

Many celebrities have hosted this trivia show that asks questions with multiply choice answers. Terry Crews is the present 2015 show host. The cash awards are increased with each subsequent correct answer. They allow you to call a “lifeline” person on air to help you answer questions. Of course, the ultimate prize is a million dollars.

New contestants will have to wait, since the official announcement on their website:

Check back each season as they have many interested participants.

Family Feud game show

Another game show for fortune and fame is the popular Family Feud. It is a television game show now hosted by Stave Harvey and is in its’ 35th year.

The show's premise is to pit two families against each other in a contest to name the most popular responses to a survey-type question posed to 100 people. Each family member answers questions for money. The family that answers the most questions correctly with the most money wins. Simple enough but they want enthusiastic people.

The executives have live auditions around the country so this link may be old by the time you read this. It has valuable information just the same.

The show is held in California as well and applications are found here

It looks like one of the easier applications for a game show.

Watch this funny YouTube program:

Jeopardy Champion


Jeopardy! is a popular game show featuring trivia in topics such as history, literature, pop culture, and science. The show has a decades-long broadcast history in the United States since its creation by Merv Griffin in the early 1960s

It's surprising how little this shows pays in comparison to the other shows airing. You really have to know a lot of trivia and have an above average I.Q. to be successful.

This is a serious show which relies on intellect instead of gimmicks,which is refreshing.

Many people don't realize that they must pay Uncle Sam his cut before taking any prizes they have won!

Wheel of Fortune Game Show

Wheel of Fortune is an American television game show created by Merv Griffin. Three contestants (occasionally three pairs of contestants) compete against each other to solve a word puzzle, similar to those seen in the game hangman. The name of the show comes from the large wheel that determines the dollar amounts and prizes won (or lost) by the contestants.

They can lose everything they've won if they spin the wheel and it lands on bankrupt. The Last contestant to win the highest amount gets to participate in a last puzzle for a bigger prize.

The contestant is asked to give four letters with a vowel. They wait for the letters to light up on the puzzle board and sometimes there aren't any. It takes a special contestant who can stay cool, calm and collected to try to guess the phrase.

The application to become a contestant for THE WHEEL of FORTUNE is at this link

In Conclusion

Well these are some of the most popular American game shows on television today. If you can get through the process for fame and fortune, then you may reap the rewards. My favorite shows are The Price is Right and Let's Make a Deal. They have been on the air many years and are still fun to watch.

It looks like a lot of carefree fun and easy money. The road to riches is not as easy or carefree as you may think. Check out the process and maybe you’ll be the next contestant on one of these programs soon. Maybe you'll be the next game show big money winner or even a millionaire!

Favorite TV Game Show

What is your favorite game show?

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