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Game of Thrones: 12 Examples Why It Will Be Hard Saying Goodbye to the Personality Quizzes and Polls

Updated on May 18, 2019
bethperry profile image

Beth Perry is an author and a life-long fan of fantasy fiction

The finale of the highly popular HBO series Game of Thrones will be broadcast this Sunday. Many viewers are already finding it tough to say goodbye to the characters and saga that have captured their hearts and minds for eight exciting seasons. As with any successful series tried & true fans always want more. The typical comment I've come across: "The saga doesn't really have to end -there's so much more that could happen!" Be that as it may, Game of Thrones is ending; so viewers who have not yet done so may finally have to actually read George R. R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice series to fill the impending emptiness.

But for the fandom base, the series' closure is not the only thing they may find wrenched away. There are the familiar (not to mention countless) personality quizzes and polls which fans have enjoyed from day one. Many of these have been generated at online social media sources, others from subscriptions to fan websites, others randomly created by and shared with fellow fans. Typical generated quizzes ask such fascinating questions like: What GoT Fantasy Pet Would You Have?, while polls shine a light on popular opinions, such as What Was Arya Stark's Defining Moment? Of course, those who don't watch Game of Thrones can only guess as to what fantasy pets (or other creatures) pop up on the show and couldn't care less about who or what an Arya Stark is. After the finale the creation of these things will surely see a dramatic decline. As polls and quizzes have become an integral part of what being a fan is about, we devotees will miss the entertainment which they have provided.

I will personally most miss the unexpected and sometimes hilarious results that show up from quizzes and polls. The following twelve examples are some of the strangest I've encountered. And even for the person who knows little or nothing about the series, I think you will find them amusing!

From a quiz targeted at female viewers

The question was: Which Game of Thrones Woman Are You?

The answer:

A somewhat darker quiz question

Question: How Do You Die In Game Of Thrones?


One of the more popular

type of Game of Thrones quiz questions. Yeah, everyone imagines they have the stuff to be a Stark or a Targaryen or at the very least a Tarly. But was I ever shocked to realize there was another noble House of distinction in Westeros! Took the quiz three times, and got this answer each time, so who am I to question the wisdom of Fate?

Question: Which Royal house would you belong to?


Another quiz aimed at women

of the familiar "Who are you compatible with?" type.

Question: Which Game of Thrones man would you be with?


A second

of this type. I don't recall this guy right off the bat, but he clearly has a strong work ethic and laudable ideas about romance.

The question was: Which Hunk From Game of Thrones Is Your Soulmate?


An interesting quiz question

especially appealing for viewers who memorize dialog.

Question: What line from Game of Thrones is your life motto?


A quiz question that focuses on your spirituality

Quests for spiritual enlightenment and contemplation have played a major part of life for several Game of Thrones characters. Viewers can identify with the desire for finding meaning or purpose in our existence. As such this serious, sobering component is one that should never be clearly demonstrated by the following quiz question. Unless the answer gives you a hankering to raid the snack cabinet!

Question: What sacred place or object in the world of GoT do you have a spiritual connection with?


Because all fans want to know

what they have to contribute.

Question: What skills do you possess that would make you a fierce and valuable fighter in the battle against white walkers?


Onto fandom group polls; this first

Question: Which Character Deserves More Background Story?


A poll question aimed at a grave topic of viewer concern

Question: What Is The Biggest Threat To Westeros?


On perhaps an even grimmer subject

Question: Which GoT Character Has Known The Most Suffering?


That all-important question for which every fan has a strong opinion

This is the ultimate Game of Thrones fandom question. And you know your favorite GoT character faces some pretty stiff competition when their leading rivals come from alternative fictional universes!

Question: Who Should Sit On The Iron Throne?


Don't get comfortable Dragon Queen and Jon Snow - looks like you may have to fight for it yet!


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