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Game of Thrones, The Best TV Show Ever

Updated on June 5, 2019

Writing about television, one of the major questions you get asked on a regular basis is that "What do you think is the Best TV Show Ever?"

Now, I myself prefer FRIENDS, and I'm always gonna prefer it over any other show and I can give you a number of reasons as to why it is the Best Show Ever but the simple answer to your question would be Game of Thrones.

Sure there have been more watched shows like M.A.S.H. and Seinfeld and sure you can make a good case as to why I'm wrong and that ain’t the case after this let down of a Final Season but no other show has managed to build such a vast and deeply detailed world among which exits different regions, different languages, cultures, and social norms.

No Show has had a cast this big who are scattered throughout different regions all while having interconnected narratives but yet are brilliantly individualized.

There has not been a show that has done all that alongside killing major and beloved characters on a regular basis.

The storytelling is so compelling and masterful and add that with the sharp VFX and deep dive into their myths and lore, that's an epic show right there.

Ramin Djawadi's enchanting music only helped this show get better.

The show was such a huge gamble, it was risky from the start, but it had ambition, it had execution, it had heart at its core and it never compromised that.

The Wire, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad all are masterpieces but none had the visual and thematic difficulty alongside a huge financial risk such as Game of Thrones.

An average episode of Game of Thrones at its early stages cost up to 8 million dollars per episode and the show also had a pilot which took 10 million dollars to make and turned out to be garbage, so it never aired.

The show during its span of 9 years was filmed in about 10 different countries. You can imagine how high the stakes were and that’s what drove this show to perfection.

Sure, this show has nudity and brutal violence and sometimes it took a whole lot of time to travel from one place to another but every single time the payoff was worth it.

It had something for everyone.

The Show premiered back when fantasy at a bigger scale was only limited to Movies.

GRRM's fans were excited about this project but nobody blamed them for the skepticism they had about it, I have read articles about how fans were ready to pick this show apart and how some of the major news outlets didn’t even bother to review the show.

But the show had patience and it slowly built upon the optimism of its fans and it overcame every single criticism. With every passing episode, it achieved greatness, it broke genres and demographic predictions, it became a show for everyone.

I wasn’t sure of its greatness until the show wrapped up its First Season, after all high production value does not guarantee brilliance (*coughs Terra Nova*) but I became sure of it when they killed their biggest cast member, their lead character.

That was the biggest WTF moment in TV for me since Chandler slept with Monica and don’t even get me started on The Red Wedding, the deaths became common on this show but the Red Wedding, that broke barriers and notions of what could be and should be on TV.

And from that point onwards, there was no looking back, it’s extraordinary and kept becoming even more extraordinary with the Oscar-worthy performances of Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage and it's countless twists.

It even mirrored the real world as it destroyed the myths of heroism by telling a story in which there were never true pure intentions or an untainted leader.

There were only people with diverse abilities making choices that are often flawed, or desperate.

Love it or Hate it, Game of Thrones redefined TV, no show has achieved what Game of Thrones has till now.





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