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George Strait-Over 60 and Looking Good

Updated on July 19, 2014

It was the mid-80s, back before I had kids.

It's back when I thought it was perfectly normal, maybe even cool, to sleep outside with a bunch of strangers waiting in line to get really good concert tickets.

Just the year before, I had sat out in the freezing cold of February for 52 hours waiting in line for Alabama tickets.

This time it was George Strait.

Copyright KCC:  I took this picture of George Strait in the mid-80s
Copyright KCC: I took this picture of George Strait in the mid-80s

I'll just tell you right now, it was all worth it!

I had managed to get front row tickets.

My sister-in-law and some of her friends were there too. I'll never forget watching my sister-in-law run her hand up the pants leg of George Strait in his tight starched Wranglers. She did it in a respectful manner, but her face was certainly full of lust.

They would only let you go up to the stage a few at a time. Eventually, they allowed the mob to swarm the stage. That's when I got the picture you see above. It's hard to believe that was around 30 years ago!

Still Cranking Out Number 1's!

He's still cranking out number one hits and looking so good doing it. He holds the record for the most #1s in any genre. Click here for a list.

My Favorites:

One of my favorite George Strait songs is "Don't Make Me Come Over There and Love You". I was finally able to find a copy I could insert here. See the video below.

Another favorite is "The Seashores of Old Mexico". There is something so sexy about seeing a fully dressed cowboy sitting on a beach singing barefooted.

Of course, my all-time favorite George Strait song is "Amarillo by Morning". I love the fiddle-playing and steel guitar in this song.

"Don't Make Me Come Over There and Love You"

No Sound-Just Pictures and Biographical Info

"Amarillo by Morning"


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    • profile image

      Mary Jane 5 years ago

      We had the privileged to attend the first Texas strwpoll called Saddle Up Texas. Along with that great experience came the good fortune to win 1st prize in the raffle, First prize was the cowboy hat signed by George Strait. It would truly be an honor to have a letter to put in the hat box i plan to buy. To be honest the next time my daughter visits I better put the hap under lock and key or it may magically move itself to Hubbard, Texas. Please help us in getting the address, phone number and e-mail to someone if not even him to do this. Thank you so very much. ( Dwayne Arnold

    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 8 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      George Strait.  Oh my...(fanning bosom).  57?  Not possible.  Who cares. 

      I never got to meet him (probably woulda fainted anyway), but a friend managed the private jets terminal at the airport GS used here.  Seems like he always had to wait around to take off after a concert, and it was my friend's job to keep him company.  Tough job, huh?  Just her and George. Sigh...  She said he was just a regular guy, not stuck on himself at all.  If memory serves, she got Christmas cards from him for awhile too. 

      My GS faves (in this order): The Chair, All My Exes Live in Texas, Amarillo By Morning.  Every other song he ever sang is a fave too, but those are the three I like most.  "The Chair" is #1 because what girl wouldn't fall for a smooth pick up like that! ;D

    • KCC Big Country profile image

      KCC Big Country 8 years ago from Central Texas

      Yes, by far! I didn't even mention his acting for that reason....LOL

    • Laughing Mom profile image

      Laughing Mom 8 years ago

      All I had to read was the title to agree, but the hub made it even better. I got to meet him back in the early 90s, and he's just a genuinely nice guy. I do think he's a better singer than an actor, though. Do you agree?