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Timeline Movie Gerard Butler

Updated on February 11, 2015

When Time Travel is involved you make your own history ...

Timeline is based on a science fiction book by Michael Crichton and stars Gerard Butler, Paul Walker, Frances O'Conner, Anna Friel and Billy Connelly.

Set in the historically rich Dordogne Valley of France, a group of archeologists work to uncover the ruins of the 14th-century castle of Le Roche, a monestry and village of Castlegard. Their professor, Edward Johnston (Billy Connelly) is assisted by his son Chris (Paul Walker), professor Andre Marek (Gerard Butler) and students Kate, Stern and François.

Johnston becomes suspicious of the dig's benefactor, International Technology Corporation (ITC) and travels to their headquarters in New Mexico to find out more. Meanwhile a chamber that has been sealed for more than 600 years is uncovered at the site and when Marek and Kate investigate an amazing discover is found . A bifocal lens belonging to professor Johnston and a handwritten note from Johnston asking for help ... written in 1357.

In an effort to find out how it is possible, Marek and the students go to ITC themselves and are stunned to discover that an error with a scientific invention has created a wormhole directly to the dig site ... in the year 1357. Professor Johnston is now stuck back in the past with no way of returning.

Sucked into the 14th century on the eve of a significant battle between the English and French armies. Can the time travellers survive long enough to find and save professor Johnston and return to the 21st century?

Timeline Trailer

The film stars a variety of excellent actors but although the lead character was suppposed to be Chris Johnston (Paul Walker) it is obvious from the start that his character are overshadowed by that of Andre Marek (Gerard Butler). Whilst Chris' relationship with Kate (Frances O'Connor) is very apparent and a important part of the film, it lacks the romance and adventure of the blossoming relationship between Marek and the Lady Claire (Anna Friel).

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    • piarejuden profile image

      piarejuden 5 years ago

      Yep.. I liked the movie.. I loved Gerard Butler in it! :) Thanks for the share.. Going to watch the movie again! Cheers and God bless!

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      I loved this movie but the book was even better. Well worth reading.

    • profile image

      JAV010 8 years ago

      What can i say great movie thanks for review :)