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Guide to Get Backer Manga Comic

Updated on October 30, 2012

Get Backer, also known by the names GetBackers, GetBacker and Get Backers, is a Japanese anime / manga comic series which is popular both in Japan and in America. Get Backer started out as a manga comic which ran for 39 volumes and stopped being produced this year. Approximately five years ago, this manga comic book was adapted into an anime series for television. This combined with the translation of the comic book in to English greatly increased the popularity of Get Backer.

Here is some very basic information about Get Backer that you might be interested to know:

The name, Get Backer:

The actual name of the manga and anime is GetBackers. It is named after the male pair who is at the heart of the storyline; they are known as the GetBackers. It is commonly referred to as Get Backer or some variation of the name.

The Get Backer motto:

The reason that the duo is called Get Backer is because their motto is: "We get back what shouldn't be gone." This motto refers to the work of the Get Backer duo which is to find and return lost and stolen items. This isn't something they do out of the kindness of their own hearts; the Get Backer duo runs a freelance service providing clients with this help for a fee. They live in a sketchy neighborhood in Tokyo so they're surrounded by people who need this assistance.

The Get Backer duo:

This duo is made of Ban Mido and Ginji Amano. Like with many manga / anime stories, they are endowed with certain superpowers. Ban Mido has the "Evil Eye" which means that when he makes direct eye contact with someone, they briefly hallucinate. He also has excessive hand strength. Ginji Amano is able to strike enemies down with lightning that emanates from his body. Mostly, this is used for good but sometimes Ginji Amano goes into something of a dark place and lets negative energy take over this power; he is called by the name Raitei when this occurs.

Although they have these superhero powers, they are not traditional superheroes. They are young adult men (around the age of 20, although it differs between the manga and the anime) who have certain powers; this is typical of anime heroes. The two are basically considered to be equals although Ban Mido tends to be the one that devises plans and takes on the leadership roles when necessary.

Additional Get Backer characters:

There are numerous other characters in the Get Backer story. Some of these appear only in the manga but many appear in both the manga and the anime. They include Natsumi Mizuki who works at a café that the duo frequents, Himiko Kudo who is an enemy of Ban Mido's from days long gone and Ryuudou Hishiki who is one of the enemies of the duo that crops up again and again.

The Get Backer story line:

The basic premise of the story line emerges from the duo's motto. They serve the purpose of finding lost or stolen items for their clients. As you might expect, given the job itself and their sketchy neighborhood, they encounter a number of obstacles and enemies in their work. They have to navigate these situations, making use of their individual superpowers, to succeed in their mission.

The Get Backer story is complete and will not include any new volumes or series as of this time.


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